Bernd Skorupinsk Overpriced Basic Supply & Demand Trading Campus Course (Scam) Exposed

Hello Traders,

I want to share my experience and insights regarding the rampant issue of fake trading gurus overcharging for subpar services. One name that has recently come to my attention is Bernd Skorupinski, who is charging over $10,000 for an online mentoring video course and indicators. Unfortunately, what he offers can often be found for free on various indicator forums, making his price tag unjustifiable.

Here are a few critical points to consider:

Bernd Skorupinski charges an exorbitant amount for his mentoring and trading tools. However, many of these indicators and resources are freely available on reputable trading forums and websites. The trading community is rich with shared knowledge, and with a little research, you can find high-quality tools without spending a fortune.

Beyond the cost, the quality of support provided is lacking. Numerous clients have reported that Bernd’s mentor support is minimal to nonexistent. When you’re paying such a high fee, you should expect comprehensive guidance and support, especially in a field as challenging as trading.

While Bernd boasts about a few payouts from prop firms, this does not establish a legitimate or consistent trading record.

A successful trading career, particularly one that warrants such high fees for mentoring, should be backed by at least a decade of consistent profitability and proven trading strategies. Without this, any claims of expertise are dubious at best.

The trading industry is unfortunately rife with fake gurus who prey on inexperienced traders. These individuals often market themselves through flashy websites, testimonials, and lifestyle portrayals that are designed to lure people into paying for overpriced courses. They capitalize on the dreams of financial independence, promising shortcuts and secrets that simply do not exist.

Before committing to any paid course or mentorship, do thorough research. Look for reviews and feedback from multiple sources. Verify the track record of the mentor.

Leverage the wealth of free resources available. Websites like TradingView, Forex Factory, and various YouTube channels offer high-quality education and indicators at no cost.

Engage with trading communities on forums and social media. They can provide valuable insights, support, and recommendations based on collective experience.

Be wary of gurus like Bernd Skorupinski who charge exorbitant fees for information that is freely accessible. High fees do not equate to high quality, and often, the best education comes from freely available resources and active community engagement. Stay informed, stay skeptical, and always do your due diligence before parting with your hard-earned money.

Happy trading!

Disclaimer: This post is based on personal experiences and observations. It is intended to raise awareness and encourage informed decision-making within the trading community.


Clearly… " FTMO all time record holder… like 120 times. But if you go 1.5 year before… never heard about him before. Of course this is good for FTMO (he promotes them). I guess FTMO and other prop firm pay him.
And his strategy " exposing fake gurus " while he is one of them :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Please ppl, if someone is making money with trading. 1. He does not need any prop firm. 2. He does not lose his time making youtube videos and selling courses.
Like Thami Kabbaj… selling courses, selling books, but never seen him trading


Hi could you point out where to get the indicators? On Tradingview there is COT report, but that alone won’t help as he is using customised indicator in some method as RSI to show the peaks.
I couldn’t find any on Seasonality, undervalued or overvalued against specific asset like DXY or Gold or interest rates etc.

I have never heard of Bernd so I have no opinion on the value for money of his package.

In general I am relaxed about what is charged for some trading education. I would hope if I had 10k in my back pocket to pay for education I would be smart enough to at least research what I was buying. On top of which, what I might think is a rip-off might be just what someone else needs asap.

The most concerning thing from your post is that you don’t clearly see mentoring services as completely unnecessary for a new trader.

Well you have live proof on youtubee that he does make profit, he predicts the move before it happens and this shows he know how to trade and trust me FTMO wont pay anyone for promo. I trade on FTMO for 3 years and I wasn’t even once on the leaderboard but I do make about 1-2% per month. Also he has a regulated company in Dubai, so this alone shows that he can’t scam or he would lose the license. But I agree that the course is expensive and you get most on the internet except the indicators, they are custom and on what I watched it eases the process and gives you the setup for A+ trades. And he trades weekly swings so he has like 1 trade per week which he finds on Sunday sets alarm and executes trade once it gets to demand or supply so he has plenty of time to do youtube videos and teach. I’m now leaning towards weekly trading and from intraday I have a lot of time compared to before. That is why I’m interested in his indicators to ease my analysis.

No. That’s piracy.

I agree he is a scammer.

You wrote that you found indicators that he uses and are free on the internet, so how is this piracy if they are free? I just couldn’t find them so I’m looking for the websites you mentioned. Can you post the websites please?

Agreed , if the indicators are free online and the guy who made them did post them for free to everyone to see then give us at least the name of the website or the guy who posted them .

Piracy : The unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work.

If the indicators are free online and the guy who made them did post them for free to everyone to see then give us at least the name of the website or the guy who posted them .

Piracy : The unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work.

Is this guy who charges $5,000 per course but claims to be best on FTMO? Joke