Best broker for beginners?

Trying to make the step up from casual trading to something more serious and (hopefully) profitable. Does anyone have any recommendations for this? I know I need to devote more time to planning my strategy, but how about educational resource? IG have a decent Academy app I’ve been playing around with on my phone for the past couple of weeks. The other one I’ve found is XTB, currently have a demo with both. Anyone got any tips/suggestions?


This question is asked three or four times a week. There’s a whole section of the forum devoted to it, where you’ll find whatever answers there are (and can ask for more): [B]301 Moved Permanently

I guess new traders should better make some research before finalizing any broker, they first short list a few reputed brokers. Check their repute over internet, trade demo account with them, compare the processes and once a broker is finalized… start with small amounts to test either they let you withdraw any profit or not.

Choose a regulated one :slight_smile: It’s a tip :slight_smile:

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Yes, definitely choose a regulated broker. And it should become a rule for every trader. So much drama and severe losses could be evaded that way.

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There are lots of broker around us, you have to best broker by seeing what kind of facility they are giving to us. as like tight spread and withdraw system. candle formation is also a very important. must see with a regulation via good company. now trusted broker is very important for all to safe you money and fame.
I am forex trader I know how to select and I have told you.

Thanks for all your replies guys. Regulated obviously high on my list of priorities. Sorry lexys for duplicating any thread, I’ll definitely head over to that link - still working my way around this site as well as the brokers!!!

I think, you should try iTrader
They have one of the best education systems.
It’s simple and profitable, if you don’t know a lot in trading.

In my opinion, the best one for new traders will be GMOtrading!
Very nice support and it’s regulated broker.

You need to be able to find the broker that works for you, someone you are comfortable with, its all well and good getting suggestions, but it needs to be someone you are happy with. Look at their features and customer service and decide on one yourself