Best Broker for carry trade?

Anyone love their broker per carry trade payout?
I’ve been with Oanda for years but there’s no rhyme or reason to what they pay. And / or does Interactive brokers claim of interest paid on balance include money parked between FX trades?

Brokers charge you a financing fee as well as interest rate differential. So Oanda are essentially giving you a low interest loan to make the trade. That’s why swap is always low and in some cases negative for both long and short.

I’m not sure who the best are. Looks like Oanda has 2.5% admin fee. Surely google would have this information.

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I believe that @flamingoproxy is a Oanda user so may be able to supply some insight into this question.

You should make a research of swap points that different brokers offer and find one with positive difference for your position. I used to trade swaps on USDRUB with Hotforex and FxPrime but later this pair has been deactivated. Other pairs has smaller swap difference, though