Best broker for gold

Can anyone suggest a broker who offers gold on all currency pairs?
For example

Dose anyone know of a broker that offers that?

Yes, they are all present on Tenkofx. Offers only mt4 platform. Spreads are good too.

the best broker is a broker which always ensure security of funds with a wide range of trading technologies , and they all currencies and never cheat with their clients.

Thanks I’ll check them out.

Not sure if the whole list is present. I use Tenkofx too. I can’t seem to find XAU/NZD on the terminal. Nonetheless, you right about the spreads and I enjoy trading with them. order executing is superb.

I think LonghornFX have all of those.

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So far I know majority of regulated brokers including ICM, pepperstone, fxview offer max 3 gold pairs (usd, eur & aud), there are also others who only offer two gold pairs (usd, eur).

It’d be good for forum if you share when you got one that offer all gold pairs. Stay safe

I also found fxview a good place to trade gold. They has competitive commission and raw spreads

Found one yet? Also ICM not regulated anymore if you are in the UK

Really? Can you throw some more light mate?

IC Markets are only regulated now if you are from Australia. Otherwise you use their “global” part.

Oh I see, thanks for letting me know.

You should open a demo account before selecting a broker to check it’s spreads and trade execution. After some research and recommendations and I have found some brokers- Turnkey forex, Oanda and IG which offer gold along with other wide range of tradinh instruments and they also have flexible trading conditions.

I'm currently looking for suggestions on a good broker suitable for gold trading with lower spreads and possibly with a commission cost of $8 per round lot.

@Lucas21 You can have a look at these brokers my friend - Turnkeyforex, justforex and lmfx. Their spreads mostly remain on the lower side and their commissions are also low, $2, $6, and $8 rt respectively.