Best Broker for scalping? InstaForex? TradeWiseFX? Exness?

Hello guys, I need your suggestions, I have been very inactive in recent months. Now I prepare myself back into trading, but I am confused with which broker I should trade? I have account with all these three broker – InstaForex, TradeWiseFX and Exness, but of course all 3 are inactive apart from TradeWiseFX since that’s where I have some money. Now I like to get updates from active users with these brokers please remember I want to do scalping only.

OctafX and Insta or scams, IMO. They impose many limitations not letting you withdraw your profit. I had an account with insta 6 years ago they’re awful. Moved on Hotforex then and happy as a king.

If I was tied and forced to choose between trading with either InstaForexor TradeWiseFX or Exness. I would choose either Exness or Instaforex. I traded with Instaforex sometimes back, but I haven’t tried Exness in anyway

I have used TradeWiseFX. No limits on order execution times, so all orders were executed without delays. I got a measure around 0,1 sec or lower for execution time. Looks good for a scalper. Withdrawal was also quick enough.

Thanks for the reply guys… From the outside I think Instaforex is definitely not the option to go with. OctaFX looks good, but it seems some people have issues with it. While the only person replied (Tradr) for TradeWiseFX, so anyone else trading with this broker? Also, tell me if you feel it’s good for investment like 1-2k?

Thats why I trade with Brokers such as FreshForex. Not only do they have the fastest deposit and withdrawal methods, but they also have the reputation a good broker should have!

You said it correct that it’s impossible to get a broker that everyone is happy with and that’s why I am looking for suggestion from everyone, so I can understand what people like maximum. I will obviously try all these with lower investment, but ultimately there needs to be one broker. I feel so far TradeWiseFX is the best choice amongst these especially after what happen recently with Exness, I am terrified with that!.

Hey guys the brokers you discuss there are true bucketshops I strongly do not recommend to make any business with them, because they don’t honor their promises and find excuses to scam rip off their clients or dodge from processing withdrawals. It took great effort for me to process withdrawal of my profit to instaforex, but unfortunately they cancelled it and allowed to withdraw only my deposit what was a completely dishonest and ridiculous act. Now I trade with Hotforex it provides perfect platform for fulfilling yourself as a traders and respects us. I do make living from my profit there, so its still small, near 1K monthly.

for exness, instaforex, there are good rebates offers, if you need scalping, I suggest your to use exness personally.

Although I will check HotForex, but I still like you to suggest me out of the option I put up there. Maybe, I know you are against Instaforex, so take them out. Tell me what’s between TWFX and Exness?

I know about rebates offer, but honestly at the moment I am just looking for quality of the service, so what’s your take between Exness, Instaforex and Tradewisefx?

I suggest your choose EXNESS

Can you expand on why you suggest them? Hopefully something that the OP will find useful in helping determine whether or not to use them

lower spreads, instant deposit and withdrawals, no fees for withdrawals, high rebates[up to 36% of the spreads] great support

Am I right to say that most market makers brokers do not take kindly to scalpers? Especially profitable ones?

How do you know? Are you working with them? If yes then how long have you been working with them? I like Exness from outset, but I see their customer service is quite weak which worries a lot. What’s your take on Instaforex or Tradwisefx?

You look like cashbackforex. You must earn a lot through 300k rebates. Is it possible for me to join your network?

sure, welcome!

Anyone knows if oanda or interective brokers is better as a forex broker?