Best broker for scalping?

I’m looking to get a bigger account away from my demo account and small real money account broker,

And recommendations for me on a broker that accepts US traders?

I trade EURUSD and USDJPY for the most part. Let me know, thanks!

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IG Broker takes on US clients for FX only.

Thanks Steve. Any experience with them?

I’m resided outside UK, so I have many choices, albeit I’ve been years with IC markets who suit my MT5 Ichimoku strategy.

yea, doesn’t look like ICM takes US clients. But I just realized I already have a IG demo account so maybe I’ll check them out.

I’ve been trading for over a couple of years, and from my experience with brokers such as Fx, Skilling, and FP Markets are few brokers I personally find good.

Spreads are tighter, averaging 0.3 in most trades, and commission costs are around $7 in skilling and FX and $6 per turn lot in FP Markets, which is suitable for scalping.


My broker charges $8 per turn lot. They say if I trade over billion per month, it will go down to $3 but can’t imagine trading BILLION. :sweat_smile:

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It’s too much, some brokers like Hotforex or Tickmill charge 4USD/lot without any discounts, you should definitely check if you look for low cost brokers.

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It seems neither of them operates in US. To get the good deal, I should become an expat? Hmm :face_with_monocle:

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I’m trying my luck with Oanda. It’s either them,, IG,, Oanda and I think TDA. And Oanda has integration with TradingView which I use.

And they’ve got a winter bonus for new clients! Deposit at least $250 they give you $250. I mean free money!

not much of a scalper here, but i guess your best option if creating a short list of brokers and comparing spread prices (I almost said thread) and of course your usual reputation and execution etc. make sure they regulated and best of luck

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You in the US?

Yea I like the regulation but then don’tike the regulation.

Seems like US traders are missing out. Are you trading in the US? How’s your broker?

No bro but I use offshore brokers like Hotforex because they are more flexible.

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Are you trading full lots?

I remember a full lot should have $6 or $8 commission per full lot trading.

I am using EXNESS now, the standard account EURUSD is about 10 US dollars, the rebate is about 3.5 US dollars, and the cost is about 6.5 US dollars, but when it is registered, the identity ID cannot be a U.S. citizen

any good broker without kyc for scalping? thanks.

Trading with brokers that don’t require KYC may seem like a more hassle-free option, but it’s not always the best idea. The thing is, without proper verification of customers, there’s a higher risk of illegal activities such as fraud and money laundering. On the other hand, regulated brokers that follow KYC and other regulations can offer traders greater protection and peace of mind. So, it’s generally not a good idea to trade with brokers that don’t require KYC.