Best broker for small account ($1000)

I’m about to go into live trading.

There are literally hundreds of brokers and I’ve read both positive & negative reviews for each one so I don’t know who to choose.

I trade commodities as well as forex so a broker that offers both would be great.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there are really hundreds of brokers but stick with one of the more popular ones to get started, I started with FXCM 3 years ago and have had no reason to change. If your account is in the US you will not be able to trade commodities with FXCM, I have a Merrill Lynch account for all my stock and commodities trading

I haven’t traded with OctaFX but I do have a feeling it is a fair broker for those with small deposit. Another broker that accepts small deposits is FreshForex. You don’t have to have billion of dollars to have an account with them, but just $100 is enough to begin with!

Thanks for all the input! I have checked out OctaFX but they don’t seem to offer much in the way of commodities. I trade commodities more than I do Forex so can anyone recommend a broker that offers a decent range of commodities?

I’m currently with AxiTrader but I don’t really like them because of glitches in their system and their spreads. They offer a few commodities but still not a decent amount.


Hi Davenz, I currently trade with Vantage FX. They are ASIC regulated and recently broaden up their commodities trading offering. (check their website and you will see the full list of products they offer) if that its not enough then you will have to go with IG or CMC (those CFD providers tend to have wide selection of tradable assets)

Well those mixed reviews about broker makes it very hard to take informed decision as you basically can’t tell apart newbies got their fingers burned by leverage&volatility and complaints from expert traders laying bare broker’s tricky practices.
So what you can do is to make some picks 4-5 brokers and test them one by one. This is how I came to my current broker Hotforex. Remember that in any business there is a same principle: no pain - no gain. :slight_smile:

how is good its performance sir?. Is it free?
I want to improve my current profit in liteforex broker, every month i can WD $200 from there.

For small amounts I would go with Exness, minimum deposit 100$ and high leverage of 1000. Thats what I use personally.

Though they gave me a free $1000 no deposit bonus, I believe FreshForex accepts deposits less than $1000. I think I have a friend who had no money, and only deposited around $89. FreshForex then multiplied the amount with 101$ and added the result to his account