Best broker for traders in Nigeria

Have a try at this broker, they offer tight spreads, instant withdrawals and unlimited leverage, excellent support services!

Avoid price manipulations! Try out this broker for tight spreads, instant withdrawals and unlimted leverage

Are there any professional traders in Nigeria? I wonder how did they find forex broker for trading through local offers or with a help of babypips or similar?

Probably the one with the highest leverage cause people here do not earn a lot and they need to already make something with lowest deposit I assume. So something like that. How else we could really do that ? Choose forex broker with lot of deposit options too.

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You should try FXTM they have a local presence in Nigeria with offices in different Nigerian cities plus they also offer forex seminars and webinars and have a good customer service experience unit…I do business with them.

You mean, accept traders from Nigeria. I know there are and (have a cent account for beginners to trade) that accept customers from nigeria. is also my favorite broker.
In addition, a few other brokers like: free swap is suitable for long orders,

Use, they are the first indigenous brokerage in West Africa. The also have Zero spread trading account. No charges on your deposit or withdrawals! Also they are the only forex broker in Nigeria that you have access to there headquarter @14th floor cocoa House Ibadan.

I assume it should be some local one for whatever reasons out there and something like you know which do allow quite big leverage for this one like you know maybe 1:1000 even. It will also allow small deposit, however biggest problem will be getting paid.

ACM Brokers. They are the first indigenous in west Africa.

why not try ACM Brokers, there head office is at Ibadan, 14th floor, cocoa house, Nigeria.

without using practically this is very difficult to rate at any brokers, because right now most of them are found to be scams. by the way, have you used this acm in practical ?

I’m using Acmbrokers presently, and i must confess that im enjoying there services! both there Deposit and withdrawals are within 2hours or maximum 3hours because its an Indigenous brokerage and its a broker one can easily access in Nigeria. They have Zero Spread as well, amazing promotional bonuses and also a fantastic and reliable rebate program! you can also check google reviews on Acmbrokers.

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Thank you for sharing

thats not true, i totally disagree, i use an indigenous brokerage company, and i must confess they are the best, their withdrawal and deposit is very fast and they give zero spreed, i can also deposit as low as 5,000 naira.

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FXTM or Alpari is the best u can have

What do you mean by indigenous? They can have local office in Africa but their head office is usually in Cyprus as it is popular place of residence for brokers.

Turnkey Forex is a good option. Their trading conditions are apt.

NO. There head office is here in Nigeria. 14th floor, cocoa house, dugbe ibadan.

I am a newbie and want a good broker and a forex trader community in Ibadan i can ride with.