Best broker that allows Scalping?

Hi Guys,

I am looking to dive in to real time trading after a long time of trading on demo accounts.

I am searching for the best broker that allows scalping and has no FIFO rule. I have been thinking about going with AVATrade, they seem to have a pretty low spreads and they’re also offering quite large bonuses currently, what is everyone else’s experience like with them?

Are there any better brokers out there that I am missing?


Some traders reported about withdrawal delays and execution manipulations in AvaTrade so check them twice before playing a ball with them.
Based on my experience, three brokers I can recommend you is Hotforex, FXCM and Global Prime. All are perfect for scalping, as I’m scalper myself.
Good luck dude!

never trade with avatrade , so i dont know how low are their spreads
since i am satisfied with my current brokers, Tickmill, and primus
both of them allow scalping and you can compare how low are their spreads and commisions if you compare it with avatrade

only one thing i have ever heard about avatrade,they offer CPA based commisions for their trader

ata trade has been out of the scene for quite some time, not many discussion regarding them actually, but they di=o have a well known name, best way to test them is actual have an account with them, try with a minimal deposit and just try them out if it works, currently im trading tw brokers, hotforex where my main funds are in and a test account at lmfx its good so far. best of luck

Hi all, thanks for all of your advice! I have checked out HotForex, I think I will be going with them, their spreads are very low and they seem to have a pretty good reputation.

I have a bit of a stupid question though, I was looking in to their commissions on the Currenex Account and read this “$5.00 per Lot Traded ($10 round turn)” what does this actually mean?

Would I only be charged $5 commission if my trade was to be closed at $10+?

Thanks again

Ive tried out the HotForex demo account, their commissions are quite high at $8 - $10 per position. Most of the positions I open yield around $10-30 and they are a lot more frequent, so the commission leaves barely anything behind for me sometimes.

Are there any other brokers that could be a better fit?


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Sorry but I remember we can only try regular account with demo (no commission), did you really get charged commission on demo with hotforex?

Yeah I did, they allow you to open any type of account as a demo now, at least thats what they offered to me… so for the currenex it’s $5 when you open your trade (1 lot) and $5 when you close it, so $10 in total. It’s not real money just yet but its put me off them, for now. LMFX & TickMill seem promising, I’m going to check them out today.

Freshforex has good conditions for scapling on its ECN account. It’s fast and spreads from 0 pips.

Based on my 7 year experience, I can only recommend one broker FreshForex. It is a perfect broker for scalping, as I’m scalper myself.
Good luck!

it means you will charge $10 for 1 lot open and closed trade, what ever you are in profit or loss you will always charged $10 commisions.
i always confuse with this round turn marketing language, when i try Tickmill ECN account for 1st time , i am confuse i charged by $4 per lot, not $2 like what they advertised.
after asking their support, i am understand, it means $2 charged when i open 1 lot trade and $2 charged when i closed 1 lot trade
Or $4 for open and close trade

To be fair, i believe most broker might say we support all techniques, but in reality they don’t do it. Now the best way to check is their execution speed, closing rules and even percentage of the profits we could make, it’s all complicated stuff, but more then enough to destroy any scalpers dream.

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The point is you need to act smart and don’t drive attention to your trading from your broker. If you start to make 10K from 2K using some holy grail, broker will do everything to make you close account with them because bucketshops don’t need profitable traders…

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and to be fair. from my point of view, scalping is one of advanced technique and needs skilled traders .
i mean , even without broker intervention, a scalper account can be ruined with unexpected move like news, or unprecditable moves.
can you say, a sideways time really sideways?
many brokers support scalper, but how many scalper survive?
only my opinion

If you’re a new trader, You should never got with SCALPING at the very beginning. Because you need to be skilled enough to understand market movement in a shorter time frame. However, in my 5 years of experience, I can only recommend CMTrading as the best platform for Scalping. Since they’re an ECN broker, you get the most benefits of Scalping trading with CMTrading.

is CMTrading allow scalper like my current brokers- Tickmill n primus?
how much commisions they are charged ? and how much their lowest and average spreads?

Honestly if newbies had that much sense then they would never be losing, so when we are starting up at least from how i went, it is pretty obvious that we will prefer quick profits and that’s where scalping is pretty handy. Is CM trading broker or platform?

You can use this link: Spreads | Myfxbook to compare spreads by various brokers. But also have in mind that slippage also affects scalping.

Hi you can try this broker, offer Lowest spread for ECN a/c.
Free funding, broker created by traders for trades.
I’m using to for scalping and swing.
Works really well. Check it out. Fxprimus.

I must say, scalping may not be the best trading technique as a trader, as you grow up in trading, you will realise that scalping comes as a result of fear, a lot of times, you cancel a trade out of fear/ scalping, only for the trade to go your way. So you end up gaining less than you should in the name of scalping. I would never recommend scalping as a strategy, but if you must scalp, then FreshForex is the best broker, personally, I used to be a scalper during my newbie times but as I grew up in Forex, I had to leave it!