Best broker to use for XAUUSD in the UK with 20K capital?

I’ve been using a plus P500 demo account for a few years now working on a system. Finally feel I’m ready to start using my own capital. Only problem is I’m not sure if I want to use P500 as my broker, as I’m not sure who truly has the best XAUUSD client base.

Ideally looking for the most liquid XAUUSD broker in the UK, With a large variety of unit sizes. Low overnight funding (and general) fees would be great. Whilst also being able to Hold Buy & sells at the same time on 1 instrument. 20K starting capital if that helps with anything.

Many thanks for reading,


You need to look a leverage too.
I am in the UK and if you want decent leverage(you might not need it for what you do) then you need to use an offshore broker.
Here are some recommendations for that.

IC Markets(UK customers are now offshore)

I don’t personally trade XAUUSD so cannot comment on that.

Apologies - forgot to mention: standard leverage (20/1 on xauusd) is fine.

Fxview is another one you can check for trading gold in UK. Overall good conditions!

Then you don’t need the higher leverage.