Best Brokers?

One thing for sure is that to only sign up for a broker that has existed for 5 years minimum. This will be to ensure that you don’t get scammed out there like the others.

I had alot of problems with fxcm .thats why im looking for new broker

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Could you tell me more about the problems you faced? As FXCM’s representative here on BabyPips, I’d like to offer you my assistance. Feel free to post any questions you have in our Broker Aid Station: FXCM

In case you are facing serious problems with your broker. Royal is the best broker i personally advise you to deal with , since they provide their clients with the best services, moreover they make sure that you are applying the right trading strategy , whether you are a fresh trader or an expert trader.

FXCM is a good broker to trade with but sometimes when you are not getting the best you can have more than one broker. For me I trade with dukascopy and profiforex .

This is a list of best broker you may choose from: FreshForex, easy forex,,, FXPRIMUS, xemarkets.

Some brokers do that,so as to maximize their profits and always talk about liquidity issues I had the same problem with XM they do it but not so frequently. Nevertheless looking at forex bonuses I would advise you to go for Xm’s $30 bonus I’ve had many friends profits 50,80 and 60 dollars and successfully withdraw I think it has the best conditions. If you want a broker that has good no liquidity issues you can sign up to ic markets raw spread account I think it’s really good been using them for 1 year now you could also use Pepperstone raw spread account it’s really good too. No issues for years. Below is a link to ic markets

From my trading experience with several brokers in the past, I find FP Markets as a good broker because the spreads are tighter and stable even during high volatile market events.

Their slippage and commission costs are lower than other similar brokers like ICM and Pepperstone.

Can add fxview to the list. Spreads are low and commission charges are better than the rest.

I don’t think a single broker can ever fit perfectly with your trading requirements.

A broker must be chosen entirely on the basis of your trading needs. If you require high leverage, a broker with low trading costs won’t work for you. Just check if the broker offers what you want or not!

Choosing a broker is very personal! Just because a broker fits my requirements doesn’t mean it will fit your requirements equally well. Do your own testing to make the right choice.

Limit order may not be triggered even if the price apparently reaches the limit order price for example if your order is at the end of the queue or due to the spread which requires the price to move additional pips to get your order triggered.

Hi, AximTrade is a good broker for recommendation that i have been with them for few months, they are relatively new but they have been growing fast in the market and they just won The Global Forex Newcomer of the Year so that seem quite reliable.

According to me, every broker is good, you just need to choose according to your trading requirements just like I only prefer trading with regulated brokers, earlier I was with pepperstone and now I am trading with fxview, found their trading conditions quite reliable.

Turnkey forex is good. My experience so far has been satisfactory with them.

Reliable in what sense?
Do they have a license to serve worldwide?
How are the quotes in extreme volatile sessions?

Just asking for a switch, sick from my current broker and need a good one.

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I have an account with CedarFX and think they have a pretty good setup pricewise because I have a 0 commission account and spreads are pretty decent. There are also some other perks like readily available customer support and same day withdrawals.
Unfortunately, they don’t have a sign up bonus but this shouldn’t always be a deal breaker. Sometimes those bonuses are just there to distract you from other unfavorable terms or terms & conditions surrounding withdrawal are almost impossible.

In terms of reliability they are regulated by SVG and CYSEC. And I have been trading with them for a few months now and can say I have never seen spreads as narrow as with them as traded with a few earlier.

Sounds good. One more thing I wanted to know - do they accept deposits via cryptos?