Best Brokers?


I am looking for any information from the community of traders here as to best possible brokers
currently using FXCM
seem ok but as I’ve started looking at the details of each trade I am not sure if they are being straight most of the time, ie targets not being triggered when price has gone half a pip over and they claim liquidity issues when this is raised

any input or recommendations would be appreciated
as would advice on sign up bonuses if they are really worthwhile and of any value to long term serious traders

thanks all and I look forward to your replies



anyone suggest alternatives that are good / better or care to share experience with the same ?

If you are having trouble with a particular broker, I think the best thing would be to move to a more convenient one. I chose to trade with Profiforex because they are more convenient to trade with and I appreciate their straightforwardness. Its not a large broker as the one you are using, but I find the platform and trading condition much more favorable.

I think this is an issue i can’t really contend with. Does it really matter if the broker is known the world over or not. Or even being regulated or not, am with this same broker and whether they known or not has not really been an issue for me so far. They suit me and am going to stick around there.

Hi Priceology,

You mentioned seeing your profit targets passed by half a pip and still not being filled. Are you sure it’s a not a case of looking at the bid price instead of the ask price on the charts?

By default the charts on Trading Station will show the bid price (AKA the sell price) in the market, and the MT4 platform can only show you the bid price. However, if you have a short position open, then it’s actually the ask price (AKA the buy price) that would trigger your limit order to take a profit. Since there is a bid-ask spread, the ask price is slightly higher than the bid price you can see on the chart. There is a way to view the ask price on Trading Station by clicking on the “A” in the chart toolbar as shown below.

If you ever have questions about your FXCM account, feel free to ask me in the Broker Aid Station.


Here are the best broker I advice you to choose one of these forex broker: HotForex, easy forex,,, FXPRIMUS, xemarkets. I can help you get on rabates pips.


thanks for your reply
so with fxcm if Price goes through my target pricepoint by .5 of a pip and bounces the other way will I get filled at that rate?
if so, please clarify if there is any instance where this wouldn’t happen? (not get filled even though price moved through the target)

Guys, I have been looking into the deposit bonuses and it seems they come with a catch ie must trade certain volume or churn so many times before withdrawal. has anyone used the sign on bonuses and found them to be a genuine incentive to open an account with any specific broker ?

if so, would you recommend?

look forward to hear from you


Yer most have a catch , there not going to give you free money

I personally like hotforex recuse bonus , it not like most bonus where they give you 100% but you need to trade X amount of time

It is a straight 15% of your account and you can trade with it but can’t cash it out

Very useful for binged that blow out there accounts

$500 + $75 bonus

Where most the 100% bonus you can’t trade and only get it when you reach the total trade

thanks billyboy

what about rebates can anyone explain those and how effective they are, I’ve heard about them but don’t know much in application


Hi Priceology,

Were you able to confirm whether this was a case of looking at the bid price instead of the ask price as I mentioned in my previous post?

If you have already confirmed that is not the case, please post a screenshot of your chart showing the currency pair and time in question. I’ll be happy to look into it further for you.



I can confirm its not the spread issue … Bid ask as you suggested
I am not at my desk and cannot provide screenshots right now, but based on what you said and my explanation of Price moving through the price point and then back down again I ask you to confirm if there is a single instance where Fxcm would NOT honour the target and any fair reason to do so

Please confirm
I will give you screenshots and specific trade details if required later

Actually I do not trade with many brokers, but I often visit some forex forums as babypips, factory and FPA. I can see some good name as hotforex, fxpro, fxcm and avatrade. They rarely get scam reports.

Brokers work with introducing brokers to attract new customers and pay them a commission in return. You can get rebates when an IB decides to give you a part of this commission back. There are three ways to get rebates.

[li]The IB pays you the rebates e.g. via PayPal when they received the commission from the broker. There is a delay so you will usually receive the January rebate in mid-February and so on.
[/li][li]The broker pays the rebate into your trading account at the end of each month.
[/li][li]The broker gives you better trading conditions, usually a lower ECN commission.

Most IBs use the first option.

thanks jfx

could you please advise 4/5 most well known/reliable IBs, preferably uk based
appreciate your help


Hi Priceology,

A profit target is a limit order which means it can only be filled at the specified price or better. In order for a limit order to be filled there has to be sufficient liquidity trading at the price or better to fill the order AND all the orders that are before it in the queue.

Suppose you had a limit order to sell EUR/USD set at 1.35000. If the bid price on the chart was at 1.34999, then your limit order would not yet have triggered, but the next tick up in price would trigger your order. Suppose the next price change was from 1.34999 up to 1.35005, which is half a pip above your limit price. Your limit order would trigger, but so would all the other limit orders set by other traders between 1.35000 and 1.35005.

If the liquidity provider who gave the price quote that sent the bid price up to 1.35005 was providing 5 million worth of liquidity at that price before the bid price dropped back down to 1.34999, but there were 12 million worth of limit orders triggered between 1.35000 and 1.35005, then only the first 5 million worth of limit orders would get filled. The remaining 7 million worth of limit orders would go back to a waiting state.

Note that the limit orders that were executed would get a fill price of 1.35005 even if they specified a price of only 1.35000 because our system fills orders at the best available price and passes on any positive slippage to the client. Positive slippage is also known as a price improvement. Price improvements are when your order gets filled at a better price than you specified. That can happen with any order type but is most common with limit orders as you can see from the table below.


Well, UK based IBs might be difficult to find - I don’t know any. is a well known IB. I’ve been using them for about three years and they have always paid in time. I’ve been also using The Aslan Group - they are more like a private group without a website or other marketing. They select their brokers carefully and sometimes pay slightly more than Cashbackforex.

Another option where you don’t have to register with the IB and are paid directly by the broker are Forex Germany (they have special offers only for Armada Markets, IC Markets and FinFX) or HFT Group (they have some other brokers as well).

thanks again JFX, really appreciate your help

thanks for response also Jason,
for the record I’ve only ever noticed negative slippage on my account with Fxcm, maybe the positive slippage has been there maybe not, I don’t recall it in several years of using fxcm. the liquidity issue which I can understand seems a bit shady in practice,
in my experience ( I think you are saying the same), my stop orders get hit as soon as price touches the pricepoint, targets… well it depends on if it goes several pips over

I have queried before where price has moved over target price and not got filled, just not very impressed with the response and pointing to terms etc

anyway cant spend too much time on this, I will think it over and decided whether to stay with fxcm.
In fairness I don’t think its all bad at fxcm but just some inconsistencies I am struggling to accept


It’s important to understand the difference between how stop orders and limit orders are executed, why this difference exists.

When a stop order triggers, it becomes a market order which is filled at the best available price in the market. Stop orders are triggered in this way as a safety measure to protect your trade from further losses. If stop orders did not fill immediately then you would run the risk of further losses if your trade remained open and the market continued to move against you.

Limit orders on the other hand can only be filled at the specified price or better. That means they will be filled only if there is sufficient liquidity at the specified price or better. Limit orders offer price certainty, but not execution certainty. Market orders (including stop orders) offer execution certainty, but not price certainty.

As you can see from the data below, when you look at all order types across all FXCM accounts, positive slippage occurs just as frequently as negative slippage.

Note that positive slippage is most common with limit orders, while negative slippage is most common with stop orders. That has to do with the direction in which prices are moving when these order types are triggered. Limit orders are triggered as prices are moving in favor of your trade, while stop orders are triggered when prices are moving against your trade.

When trading forex as with any financial market, your capital is at risk. This page has more information on how you can maximize positive slippage and minimize negative slippage.

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