Best currency pair in a crappy time zone

hi all

I am about to start demo trding - just graduated from the pip school - and all the rrviews I had read from this and other site (especially forex bastards) seem to discourage from any broker out ther.
Actually I live in country where we work during the london hours (which is the most active) and since I have a day job, I can only trade the Asian session,
Please, could anyone tell me the best platform to use, currency pair to trade and what drives price movement for the currency pair?

i will really appreciate your time.


You could try AUD/JPY… This has been my favorite as of late. Now this guy can move with some power so watch your stops and don’t get greedy. Most of my trades in this pair are scalps and or short term swings Off 5min-1hr-4hr charts. 30-60 pip moves have been happening very fast this week…

I have a similar problem except I am a sleep during the eur hours. So I have decovered that trading long term a day to a month is better for me. I like the slower movers like nzd/usd or aud/usd. At 100 pip profit I add to the size of the trade. I find thatI can usually get at least 200 pips sometimes as high as 700. It is a lot less time consuming and nerve recketing.

The currency pair AUD/JPY is excellent. It moves very rapidly to dizzying heights and lows for long and short and does this quite frequently. You can make good money on this one - but do not get too greedy and watch out for stop loss hunting at the beginning.

It is my personal favourite. :slight_smile:

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

thanks guys,

i have looked at the aud/jpy pair, and i did noticed the trend u guys talked about but, i have a problem getting/understanding the movers of that currency pair (aud/jpy),
especaailly, concerning your suggestion, bazooko, i think to be able to leave a trade for days i should be familier with the currency economy, please can anyone help with a good site news and fundamentals and how they affect the currency pair?

thanks once again and i will like to disclose that i made a hundred bucks trading the EUR/USD in my first femo, i could have made more, my techs were right, but i left with what i had.

Also, can anyone tell me hw to plot the MACD signal line on the MT4?
i was only gettingthe MACD line,

thanks very much for stopping by.