Best/fastest updated site for Forex News?

Hi, I use MT4 and the news there simply missed what just happened which moved AUD on all currencies of at least 30 pips in 1 minute.

Bloomberg did not show any news for a while so I found it was a news from Reuters about Chinese CIC fund.

So, which site would offer real time news on forex? I can`t find any decent one.


For scheduled news events, CNBC tv or’s Latest News section are pretty fast. Fastest would be if you bought a Bloomberg terminal. For something unscheduled, you’re just at the mercy of how long it takes the news agency to update an article on the site of course.

thank you

so we have no choice but always be late on the professionals…that makes me want to trade indeed small amounts while I learn :slight_smile:

Forex Live had it out by 11:08GMT

Still, after the dreaded candle though. :wink:

Glad to see you back Mr. Rogers!

If you want up to date news then it is no good relying on a website. You need a proper news feed.

Many forex / CFD platforms give you free news feeds as long as your account is in credit.

For example if you sign up to CMC you’ll get streaming news from Dow Jones in the MarketMaker software - you don’t need to do any trades - you can just use the news feed.

If you get an IG Index account then I think you get streaming news from IG Index.

You will however have to put the minimum balance into your account in order to keep your account open.

^^^ He speaks the truth.

Hi thanks for the advice, I have got an account with money on it, it uses MT4 but the news did not report the one that moved the market…and won`t post the link since I got already an infraction for that, I did not even know I could not post a link to a news site…:confused:

A service called Trade The News.
Been around since 1997

Fantastic service, but not free.
However they do have a free trial.

It’s audio based, so you hear the figures as they are released and then the market moves.
Not just scheduled news releases either…

During my free trial, I made enough to pay for the service for 1 year.

$175.00 month…a bargain for what you receive.

Hey, I know this thread is a bit old but I wanted to ask if you still use Trade The News, I’m doing the free trial now and I’ve read mixed reviews.

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