Best Forex Broker

Best Forex Broker:

It is hard to define the best forex broker. The best forex brokers are the ones that are most suitable for your trading strategy. There are many forex brokers. Each broker has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, each trader will have his or her own list of favorite forex broker. But there are some keys to find the best forex broker.


Broker is regulated or not

Broker is reliable or not is and how popular it is

Trading conditions:

Broker has multiple Trading platforms or not

Broker has multiple types of Trading Account or not

Execution speed is higher or not

Slippages is small or not

Trading costs:

Spread is impressive lower or not

Commissions rates acceptable lower or not

Rebate/Bonus programs to Encouragement Traders

Customer services:

Reliable Modern Payment system or not

Customer Support and Local offices or not

Broker have Education Programs for their clients or not

I can add that each trader must have his or her own list of key points (advantages) for choosing the broker.

I have Skype

It depends what you are looking for in a broker.

There are several good brokers, but you need to find one which is suitable for your style of trading, I use FP Markets and i feel they are the best broker because of their lower commission and lower spreads. As a scalper i prefer using FP Markets.

Guys from City Index helped me, so I recommend you

Not heard good things.

About City Index?

in brokers, in addition to reputable brokers. :face_with_monocle: You need to see:
Does the broker fit into my trading method?
Does the broker support customers for your country?
Customer account verification is not so easy. Unless otherwise, you accept if you live in countries that restrict or prohibit forex trading.
There are also some brokers you can try to take a look In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

Choosing a broker is not as difficult as people make it look. If you know anyone who is a successful forex trader, just ask him what broker he trades with. It is as simple as that. I’ve been using Forexchief for some months now, I never doubted the broker because someone who is a pro trader recommended it based on the strategy to use. When you get your recommendation from people who know what they are doing, you will get it right.

My brokers, take a long time to choose with some options, but ultimately make the best decision.

I think everyone have his own best broker. There are same really good brokers. But which one to choose you should decide by yourself. It depends on your style of trading, regulatory and etc.