Best Forex Scalping EA

Please try my new scalping EA.
It’s made from 50 to 100% or over 30% monthly for sure. (203 KB)

I will give you a small advice. An EA that makes 30% a month means its using a lot of leverage. When there will be losses and you cant avoid having losses you risk blowing your account up. I dont know how your EA works as I dont use EA’s but 30% a month means big risks. Think about what I said.

Thank you for posting this ea. I found it working well in strategy tester. Now testing in live account. But one question. Why does it have to trade between 17:00 to 7:00 GMT? Any specific reason? Any other advice you want to give about this ea?

You better not test skalp EAs with standart MT4 tester…

You are right! but i only believe this is true for 1M-5M time frames with tight SL/TP, as you go higher in timeframe I find it matters less and less.

Do you have live Forward-Test?

viruses have ?