Best forex signal provider (free/paid)

What is the best forex signal provider? I am looking for free or paid signal provider.

I am the best signal provider & will give you 1000 pips per week. Well, I am just kidding. You are try to find an answer for very hard question. I would like to give you one advice. Try to trade your self because lot of signal providers are scammers and even you can trade better than them.

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Yes that is true. Learning how to trade is the best solution and what I prefer to do. Those who follow signals by third parties should eb very careful and at least take a few months to follow their trades on paper and see if the signals would have worked out and what the success rate is. I did that with my brokers recommendations for four months before I decided to open a second account and place a small amount of my capital in it in order to follow my brokers recommendations. I still prefer to do my own analysis, but dont mind a small portion of my capital to be on cruise control.

yes this is wright…

Those who follow signals by third parties should be very careful and at least take a few months to follow their trades on paper and see if the signals would have worked out and what the success rate is

we can fallow signals of others only if we conforms that signals are accurate. we should not see the old results. but we have to observe their signals for 2-3 months for demoing. that will help us to know about the accuracy of signals.

I’m a massive fan of signals.

If you can find a expert that watches the market 12hrs per day and has over 10 years experience wouldn’t you rather trust them with your money instead of putting in the hard yards yourself?

I love trading, but I put most of my faith in signals.

Check out my video diary were I’m trying to achieve financial freedom by following signals.

Nick McDonald - Making A Million - YouTube

Best free signal provider dude is a chart and yourself :slight_smile:


Initially I also tried free - paid signal services and not worked well for me. I would like to see your signal performance here.

Strongly agreed. The signals service is for lazy wannabe-traders who want to be directed while earning money.Paying for such kind of services is totally beyond my comprehension.

You think it’s beyond comprehension to have a trader work for you?

Do you employ other people to help you with other parts of your life? Would you try and fix a broken pipe or faulty wiring yourself?

No, you would hire a professional to do it for you. Someone with years of experience that had done it successfully for a long period of time.

I see trading as no different, I want someone to trade for me that has been doing it for years. Someone that lives and breaths charts, news, technical analysis and has 12 hours per day to watch the market.

I understand signals aren’t for everyone, but it’s not the crazy concept that you are painting it.


I never follow the signal from a provider. I heard that almost of them never trade a real account. The only profit they get are from us who buy the signal. So be careful spend your money to buy a such signal provider. That’s my opinion. For me better learn and learn more by my self.

So you have never followed a signal and you have “heard” that signal providers don’t trade live accounts?

Perhaps you should check out the world of signal providers before making an assement. Many are bogus (like everything in FX), however not all are out to steal your money.

If they can make money for you month in and month then they’ll make more money as you tell all your friends about how great they are.

They will make a lot more money if you as a follower make money as well.

If you find a good signal then it’s a win-win.

That is probably one of the best pieces of advise to newbies I have read in a forum. Could have not said it any better.

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Unfortunately most services are scammers like many have said. But there are exceptions but they are hard to find and you can lose a lot of money before your find that needle in the Forex haystack.
I’ve been using a forex signal service now for 4 months and finally it’s one that actually 1) delivers quality signals and 2) don’t bull**** about their performance (what their website claims, is what I’m getting!).
And they have great customer service!

So don’t judge them all by the many rotten apples out there. A quality signal service can help an inexperienced trader get to profit faster and/or diversify your risk if you are trading yourself.

Best of luck!

Which signal site are you using?

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I use I like them because they don’t make any crazy unrealistic claims and their signals are actually profitable. They even offer free alerts on their twitter.

I actually have started to follow my broker’s signals after I followed them on paper for over four months. They keep their take profit and stop loss levels very acceptable for me. Regardless who you wish to follow, you should monitor their trades for a few months before committing any of your funds to their analysis.

I agree, you don’t want to risk your money on a system that doesn’t suit you or your risk tolerance level.

A few weeks ago I came across one of the best trading sites I’ve seen lately, and felt I had to share this great discovery with you.

This is the message than they pubblish on their site:

Signals Advisor is composed of a team of top traders who over the years have developed the best Forex trading strategies for getting the best performance on the market with a diversified approach to money management.
In addition the possibility to choose one of several periodical subscriptions to receive trading signals, Signals Advisor provides a free eBook complete and extremely detailed where you can thoroughly understand the dynamics of the dominant Forex Market and the best operational strategies.
The signals operating Advisor Signals are forwarded before the occurrence of certain conditions, anticipating the market with brain. In addition to the entry point, this signals offered set a fixed-point output as in take-profit as in stop loss on the major currency pairs.
With Signals Advisor operate in the Forex Market is not just making an attentive investment but is guarantee of success and satisfaction in terms of economic return.
In addition to offer a constant assistance (24/5) available to satisfy any further, operating signals, themselves, are easily to understand that they can be easily used by anyone with/out experience in the Forex Market.

Also, in order to meet the different needs for what concerns the different trading style, Signals Advisor during the years has designed two trading models with different operating strategies of money management and risk / profit by offering the possibility to choose the most suitable signals according to your trading style.
The remarkable results achieved and published in full transparency and active participation of their customers make Signals Advisor one of the best provider of Forex Trading Signals of the World.

This is the web site (www)

I tryed it and it is fantastic!!!

Here this provider of signals of quite good forex idol. Official page (@FOREXIDOL) | StockTwits

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