Best forex trading channels on YouTube

Hi, I’m new to Forex Trading and I’ve recently just completed my lessons here. I’m moving onto the next steps, which is to do demo trading and learn more from YouTube channels. I was wondering if anyone here as good recommendations! (No gurus, just full transparency only)

Thanks a lot! :relaxed:

Most are furus, or rather, fake gurus. Don’t bother.

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TraderTV Channel def good

Welcome to the forums, Tanndy. Congratulations for completing the lessons! :partying_face:

This podcast is one I’ve listened to twice already, and I’m still going through it again. It gives practical and useful tips to improve your trading psychology. It can also give you a good overview of what a successful trading career looks like and what it will take to get there.

Trading Psychology Podcast


Have not heard of it, can you explain a bit more, appreciate it.

I have found a couple guys online that have the correct thought process and knowledge of risk management.
Nick Shawn

You’re a commercial member on another forex forum. How do we know these Youtubers you are promoting are not working with you?


Oh I’m commercial for working with Darkstar on FF when he had OrderFlowTrading website and a paid chat room/forum/bloomberg terminal. Miss those guys. No affiliations with anyone now. FF let me post outside of commercial forum under my new (10yrs old) handle
I downloaded from torrent all of Nick Shawn “missionfx” videos. Not much trading signals, but compounding & trade management.

I forgot, I listen to Scott Welch a lot. He’s EAs but the statistics are all correct.

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Thanks for the clarification. Good to know!

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Thanks for this

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Most trusted and Best (Hindi/Urdu) :

  1. He do not sell course
  2. He do not recommend any Forex broker, signal provider, EA, etc
  3. He do not tell to open account under his referral.

I always watch his video.

Congratulations on completing the School of Pipsology!

hi i follow rayner teo and he teaches things practical
i enjoy his work