Best Forex Trading System of the Month: JULY 2012

Now that the June contest is over, you can now start submitting your entries for July’s Best Forex Trading System!

Whether you’re a professional trader, forex newbie, robot, or monster – anyone can join! All you have to do is follow three easy steps and you’re all set!

Step 1: Head on over to the Free Forex Trading Systems forum.

Step 2: Create a new thread describing your system. Just be sure you abide by the official contest rules and regulations.

Step 3: This is the most important one. Copy the link of your system and paste it under this thread. is giving $1 to our “Charity of the Month” for every system entry that you submit. This way you’ll be trading AND helping the less fortunate Earth brothers. We’ll also donate an additional $50 to the charity of your choice, if you system comes out on top! Don’t believe me? Check out Forex Ninja’s “You Trade, We Aid” post!

July’s Participants:

MA Fracker by TyrannosaurusForex
Simply & Almost Naked by blizard
CCI/Coral Breakout by travelkeon
Triple Threat Exit Strategy by pipwoof

I like seeing money go to charity, please enter MA Fracker.


Excellent! I’ll add this to the list of this month’s submissions.

You can Add the this system also:


Hello RoboPip,

This is a system by travelkoen, and I think it has great potential. Please enter

CCI / Coral Breakout Systemthanks


please enter my triple threat exit strategy in the july best system contest. thank you.

Three new systems. Amazing! Will add them all for July’s contest.

Voting for July’s Best Forex Trading System is now OPEN! You can cast your votes here: Vote for July’s Best Forex Trading System | Forex Blog: Art of Automation