Best Forex Trend Indicators

Hii all,

These are my own works.
Some time if ı can not use some systems, ı will give to friends.


Good system to use, so easy and manageable. Nice share mate.

eurusd system idea

there is 2 bands with envelopes.
top and bottom

and as filter stochastic
If desired, the range of envelopes to be opened wide margin.

at usdjpy price is not ideal now for short.

Hello suat, thanks for this thread. As a newbie I’m hoping I can learn from your simple looking strategy. Could you please give us more information? The blue line on the chart? Which macd do you use? Warmest regards

there is a problem in this site login mehmet.
thanks for the reply.

u can use macd simple daily chart but very low value.
use 2-3-2 trigger on daily chart and be carefull 0 reference top and bottom.
try this values ı think you will make money :slight_smile:

Use this system mehmet.
its very good.

I can not add a mq4 file in this site or ı dont know about it.


This indicator looks good, do you know where i can download it from or the name of the indicator ?


friends how can ı add here mq 4 file?
can you write to page clearly?

selam suat, I’m not too sure how to attach a file but i’m sure someone will be helpful and explain on here.


suat, I can’t download the indicators, maybe it’s a problem from my side

silver down

ı m sell

I think eurusd will come a bit down .

my weekly system

I have many perfect good systems.

ı m not seller but m looking trade partner.
my prefer turkish but is possible other foreign friends.

E/D approaching buy signal

from sell to buy +90 pips TP
thanks market :slight_smile: