Best indicators on Oanda

hi, ive traded forex now for 6 months and have tried various indicators and various platforms. I found Oanda and am happy with them. Currently using the following indicators: ema 12 and 21 cross, and stochastic rsi. using the crossover to enter a trade, not always succesfull though, made more loss than gain.

My question. 1. What indicators would you advise for Oanda for entry and exit, 2. What stop loss pip size at what time frame, For Oanda

Thanks Rene

I suggest that you incorporate S&R and price action… less dependence on indicators…

See the thread ‘technical templates 2’ to get some ideas… in fact… I suggest you read the whole thing and monitor it daily

Mainly because the people that post there are following some professional traders who have been at the game for a long time…

And there are a couple other good threads(my opinion) Phil’s is one, James 16

Try to use price action as your guide… I think you will improve your results

I use Oanda, also… I do my charting on other than Oanda as their Java application is often inaccurate