Best Laptop for Trading Purpose Only

Please Write down all your system ( hardware ) laptops and destops and specifications on them if you can and specify why you feel comfortable with them, i see there was no thread on hardware used so thought to add it so that it might be valuable to newbies trying to buy new hardware starting into trading ( Pro traders views welcomed plz)

my views - i am using lenovo X300 runs pretty well 3 gig ram and can run platform pretty well withouth them being frozen by the system and me blaming the broker instead.

1 or 2 giga ram is good, more than that is spending too much money…Any new processor would be good also. I guess what would effect trading more is how stable your OS (Operating System) is and internet connection. Most trade platforms aren’t system hogs.

I’ve run MetaTrader on XP Pro SP3 with as little as 512mb of RAM with no problems. The software requirements should dictate your hardware. However, generally speaking, if you’re running a PIII with 2GB of RAM on Windows XP SP3 you should be fine - assuming you’re not also running a lot of other programs.

New computers are cheap. I picked up a Quad Core 2.4 machine with 4GB of RAM, a new case, a few SATA hard drives, etc., for about $600 at I used my old video card and keyboard, etc., and I’m good to go.

Using Core Duo T2300 process with 512+256mb RAM.

Running 3 mt4 simultaneously without any problem.

Only things is, when try to load those indicator like TRO whereby takes alot of data from other TF, my mt4 will abit slow, guess RAM is not enough. Will throw off the 256 RAM soon and add 1gb.

mphpopular - i dnt knw how you manage with so slow RAM i had 512 ages ago n i felt like i was in the 80’s u do need to speed it up i used that slow RAM on METATRADER 4 and it acutally takes time to refresh the system as well which i guess is not what we really want and if you have something open with it that is freeze the system coz normally we got loads of news and websites n another platform ( i do , dnt knw abt neone else ) open so yea ::):slight_smile: .

well what i was wondering is someone to come back with suggestions on multipe trading platforms or laptops what they use and are they useful ??? anyone here with multiple trading screens like 2 to 4 ?

My desktop (mentioned above) runs two monitors easily. I am considering adding 1-2 more with another high-powered video card.

If you get a good quality video card, it can help out tremendously. If you get a cheap video card, your CPU has to process all the graphics information, which will slow your entire machine down. Don’t go cheap on the video card.

as Benji mentioned – stable OS. I run a Dell B130 (couple years old at this point) with a 1.5 Ghz processor and 512 Mb of DDR ram ( at 533Mhz )

Running 2 or 3 MT’s and 2 Oandas is not a problem… However I typically run:
Pidgin, Iceape browser, Iceape mail, Oanda FXTrade(2-20 charts), Meta Trader(5-10 charts), usually one game when I’m waiting for a pattern or for a trade to get going(netpanzer, bzflag, or some sort of opensource FPS. I specificly select lower end games as my laptop struggles with any real decent game, .

I finally got a LCD panel that is now for the forex platform/charts only… Now I can finally read and glance at the charts without worrying about missing a move!

Anways this is what I’m saying: I can(and have) taken a 133Mhz processor, 32?-64?Megs of ram and run Oanda on it, with Linux – I can’t do that with Windows. Granted running more then a couple of charts was a bit on the rough side, but the platform still responded in a timley manner provided a stable internet connection… Now the graphics left alot to be desired… Tiny resolution (800x600 being the max, or just out of reach – I dont remember which)

If you want a stable trading platform, I would strongly discourage windows – but on the otherhand I discourage windows for anything except games – and even then it is a marginal performer at best…

Windows is a resource hog, has programs you most likley dont need, dont use, and dont want. It has programs running that again you most likley dont need, dont use, and dont want…

Linux on the other hand can very easly be made to be light and fast allowing you to use things you really want with the full power of your computer… give it a try Ubuntu is geared twords people new to Linux… give it a shot Oanda runs fine, metra trade does too with wine…

just my overbloated .02 – just like windows… er sorry couldnt resist…

MacBook Pro. 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. 4 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM.

Running Windows XP on it as a virtual machine, so I’m able to run MetaTrader 4 on it with ease. I prefer the laptop for it’s mobility.


Most laptops can run the common tradingplatform without much problem. But the question I would ask you is; do you need a machine just to enter/exit orders or do you plan to do research as well on the machine?

If the machine is only to enter and exits trades, then any laptop will do (even some mobilephones/PDA/smartphones will do).
But if you also wants to do reasearch and use large/multiple charts, some heavy spreadsheats etc. then you would be better of buying a laptop with a big screen and at least a dualcore prosessor and 2 gig with ram.

I do all my research on my stationary computer, and I got a HTC tytn II for enter and exit orders on the go (news trading). And I got a laptop as backup/travels with a 15" inch screen that I find barly large enough for research but more than adequate for simple trading.

Hope that helped some :slight_smile:

If you really want to go deluxe, you could use the Dell or Hewlett Packard new 20" laptops. :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Is it for home or for actually traveling and trading?

For home I have an Asus Z96JS (about a year and a half old, but they make an upgraded version)… 2gigs of ram (important for charting!) and 15.4" screen, core duo 2, etc…

I went with asus (built by because I was getting a much better spe’d machine than a comparable big name HP, etc. and Asus is the real manufacture for all of the Alienware, falcon, etc hardcore gaming laptops anyway. I have had nothing but great luck with my computer and would recommend it to anyone.

If I was to travel and trade i’d pick up one of those new Sony LED backlit puppies with 10 hours of battery life…

Important things for a trading laptop.

Screen Size: You never have enough space for charts, platforms, etc.
Screen Quality: Get the highest/best resolution screen you can… its what your gonna be staring at so don’t skimp on it.
Ram: Important for running 32 charts simultaneously! 2 gigs or better!
HD: Not that important, try and get a 7200 rpm for faster program loading.
VGA/DVI/SVideo out: Its nice to have the ability to plug in a second monitor when you get where you’re going.


Do you guys agree that widescreen monitor or laptop are harder to read the charts?

I think IBM thinkpads has good non reflective screens. Any good models to recommend as well?

I like my Toshiba, powerful and fast with a good memory, light to carry, the screen is fine for trading on the hoof, but when back at home I just hook up a larger monitor I bought. The laptop was only around £500, under that I think, I bought it 18 months ago, I have loads of trading data, coaching sessions etc on the hard drive and it has not slowed down at all. It runs eSignal with no delay that I can spot, including when I am on a wireless network. So I am no expert, but I am a happy Toshiba trader. Don’t even bother with a trading PC at home, now, I just hook up the larger monitor/separate keyboard/mouse.

i am using Microsoft Surface Pro:

Microsoft surface pro 4 have outstanding hardware and software specifications that moves you the amazing experiences with reliable working capacity. Key specifications of Microsoft surface pro 4 are

• Incrementally better battery timing
• New technology ultra-silent processor
• Slim fan-less design
• Windows 10 pro 64-bit Operating System
• Availability in 0.9 to 3.4 GHz Intel core (m3, i5, i7) processor
• 802.11 ac wireless connectivity
• Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with accessories
• Surface pen
• 360 hinges rotation allows you to flip it
• USB port, head phone jack SD card slots
• Small size speakers with heavy base allows to produce clear and qualitative sound

Microsoft surface pro 4 is beating MacBook Air in performance and display. With its amazing outstanding process handling it will not go slow. Microsoft surface pro 4 can be you one device for everything and provides you wide range of compatibility. Some of the processors performances are described to the next lines.

Screen size? And what about external monitors? I imagine you have one or two of those, right? If so, how are you connecting those bad boys? I have a 30in Dell monitor running dual link DVI and had a monster of a time hooking it up to a new laptop with only USB C and USB3 connections.

Quite a nice Laptop, you have got there, it would be so much exciting to use the same for other purpose, like gaming and chatting and all. Forex Trading too could be a lot more interesting to deal with the same.