Best Life Investment

In your opinion what would be the best investment one can make during life?

personally i would say, training and believing in yourself is too great an investment that a person can have , you get me?


Work life balance.


The best life investment anyone can make is their health and happiness.

If you utter the word ‘’best’’, then I am flexible. But forex and crypto investment can be an wealthy investment for you if you know how to trade properly on the market.

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the best investment in life i think to build some good human habits as like Focus , Commitment and discipline.

to work on your self
believe me that is the best one you can do
when you have children and they talk about different things and you dont have any information there you will fill very bad
so work on yourself and skills

Hello Amy!
I think the general answer is to invest in yourself, but to be more specific, I can tell you that you have to work on your body! Keep it for your 60s and 70s! Do not destroy it with fatty food and things like that!
Also, work on the mental aspect of your health; do not underestimate it! Learn to make yourself happy, do not overthink, create strong and healthy relationships, and also treat yourself in the best way! Easily update the current version of yourself!
Best Luck/

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Absolutely, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

My mom shares the same opinion. She always says health is the most important.

Wow. I never thought about these before.

That could be one reason for not having children. :sweat_smile:
When you cannot even answer their questions.

I do agree. But why shall I think about my senior phase.?

Hi Amy,

Great question.

As a Buddhist I believe that our only real asset is time and that the best investment we can possibly make in life is using some of that time for our own spiritual growth.

We have been blessed with the gift of life.

Accept life as it is, live in the moment and be happy.


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That’s a deep thought, and I totally get where you’re coming from. Putting time into our spiritual growth can be a game-changer in life.

Forex will be a good investment for you if you have trading expertise. Besides forex, you can rely on e-commerce business.

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Health for sure. What is the point in achieving things if you can’t even savor them because you’re too sick.