Best Markets/Time Frames to find Triangle Patterns

Hi all,

I’ve recently been trying to work on trading with Triangle breakout patterns, but find that in the timeframe and markets that I use most commonly, I find very few opportunities.

I trade the H1 time frame with my normal strategy and watch GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD and EURJPY. However, I don’t often see triangle patterns forming here.

So I was wondering whether anyone who trades breakouts regularly can expand on which markets you see patterns forming often and whether a smaller time frame is actually better for this too?


The first one I looked at EURUSD has one forming. Is this just me seeing something that is not there, or is that a triangle pattern?


You can sit around all day plotting descending and ascending lines on a 1 hour chart, or you can take a chill pill look at the daily and trade inside bars.

They are the same thing but one infinitely easy than the other.


All kinds of time frames can be used with triangle patterns.

You can keep observing the descending and ascending lines and see if they somehow form a triangle. This could be a lengthy process.

I usually look on H1 but trade on m15

More you trade, the more you learn. Based on your trading style, you can see different chart patterns.