Best Modern Day Mentor

After having learned about trading either in newspapers, magazines, internet, who do you think is the best trading mentor as of these days, somebody who has proven track of profit/gain record and who can share effective techniques and strategies in trading, in the line of trading that he is most familiar with?

I think Wayne at FXBootcamp is a very good trader. I have been with him for about 8 months and learned a lot. He gives a training course and love technical analysis every morning for the New York Session.

Were you able to profit by learning from him? And does the price justify for the learning curve? Wow…almost 300 a month for advance, 199 for basice and almost 2k for a year… If it is worth it, I might sign up…and just learn…

I find it worth the price. I personally have not turned a profit, however, there are many students in there who do consistently profit. I have psych issues dealing with trading that I need to get through first. If you hit up youtube and search for fxbootcamp, you can see some of the daily technical briefings. He briefs on what was talked about in class and I can vouch for it being accurate.

In my opinion, I don’t know if it would be worth it to pay hundreds or thousands for a mentor. They can teach you winning strategies that work(which you can probably find on the net for free), but can they teach you to be disciplined and relentless in finding the path to consistent profitability??

I think it’s best to save your capital for your live account than for a mentor. Demo and learn on your own. If your passion for trading isn’t strong enough to take the time to learn the right way and gain experience on demo without making real money, then trading may not be the right profession for ya.

Again, this is just my opinion…

I see where you are coming from and I would agree. I would also say it all depends on an individuals situation. In my situation, It has helped me tremendously to have a mentor. My hopes is that when I can get the setups going on my own and get trading, I can keep the subscription amount and put it towards trading capitol.
My 2 pips.

I personaly prefer this way , but every one know himself better.That what work for one may not work for other.Coin have 2 sides if you doing by yourself you may loose as much money as mentor course cost.You going to pay for your education anyway. So it’s your choise to decide who you invest your education money you or mentor.Think what + and - are from your point of view.

What has been the best thing for my trading is, having what I call a “trading buddy”. We stay in touch constantly, agree or dissagree on what’s going on, learn together, argue, laugh, cry, share and have fun together.

It’s been a tough road but, having someone to share with has been a boost for me that has been worth it’s weight in gold!

A mentor, I suppose, is good to have. But, having someone there that I can call anytime, bounce ideas off of, have the same happen to me, and grow together has been the greatest thing that could have ever happened to my trading!

What about the infamous Felix? :slight_smile: Jimmy Young is a great mentor as well. I think both of them collaborated at one point.

There’s way more to finding a good coach than just picking out someone who’s made money in the markets. It needs to be much more personal than that, as has already been suggested on this thread. This is something I actually recently wrote an article about for SFO Magazine. I think it will be in the April issue. It’s between 2000 and 2500 words, so a bit too long to post here., but if you’d like to read it ahead of its publication you can go to:

Then of course we have that Bob, or Rob Booker guy who claims to be the new king of NFP. All Bull. Personally, the best mentors are your fellow traders.