Best Platform for Ipad and Gold

Hi Guys

Still learning and need to get practising now. What is the best platform and broker to use? I would like the small buy ins starting small but with a good demo option to start.

Primarily i would like to trade in the gold market.

Thanks guys

If you’re just starting out, probably not a good idea to trade on an iPad.

Almost every platform supports demo.
If you 'd like to trade automatically, I can recommend you some options.

With so many trading platforms available in the market, it can sometimes get a bit difficult for you to decide which one to go with. The simplest thing that I can tell is testing them all and comparing them on the basis of how they worked for you. You will get an idea about which one is worth risking your money with.

Demo trading is not less than any holy grail for beginners. You can test as many strategies as you want without worrying about risking and losing your money, the biggest fear we have.

But don’t you think that demo accounts make your set unrealistic goals that you may never achieve. I don’t see demo trading as anything more than a way of knowing how a trading platform works.

I hope you’ve got a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of commodity trading. Now that you’re looking for a demo account, there are numerous brokers who are licensed and reliable offering demo account trading options on platforms with technical tools like margin calculators. To name some, there’s ■■■■■■, Avatrade, eToro, forexcom, ICM. Their demo accounts are absolutely free of charge and you can practice your trading skills on them for as long as you want. These accounts are exact replicas of the live accounts and offer the traders like us real market conditions and prices.

I believe that modern traders are quite smart and they know what they can do in the market and what they can’t. For every trader, it is important to practice what they have learnt. If I had not practised enough on my demo accounts with oanda and turnkeyforex, I don’t think I would have ever been a trader. Going live directly after studying would have been a horrible experience.

I can’t deny what you are saying. At the same time, I believe that if there were no demo accounts, a new trader would have not been able to know how a trading platform works and would have gone live without enough practising. This would have definitely led to losses and some traders might have never dared to trade ever again.

It’s not easy to find out which trading platform is best suited for your needs without giving it a try. If you are not sure which platform will suit your needs, I suggest demo trading with different options until you find the best one for you. This way you won’t be risking any money and will also be able to practice.