Best platform for semi-automation

Hi. I have some systems in mind, but don’t want to hang around all day to exit a trade. What broker/trading platform has a lot of built in features, to automatically exit trades based on common indicators. For example, if price crosses over indicator X line, then the trade will close, or at least I will get a notification alert.

I don’t want to be tied to my computer, but I would like to give trading a shot.

I have learned quite a bit about forex, but have never had a funded account.

Hi, maybe trade manger will work for you, check mql5 code base and i you have luck, you will find something for free. Regards Greg

Well, you can easily automate any platform. But for indicators, you can do or buy custom indicators. You can automate with any broker.

Thanks for that insight. I have only demo traded before, so have not looked into automating with the broker.

Thanks Prof. I wish I had learned computer coding years ago. I will look into it.

I have used three trading platforms in the past (and currently use a Crypto exchange that has the same functionality). On all those platforms (and on a couple I have reviewed but not opened an account) the facility exists to simultaneously set an entry price, a stop loss and a take profit level. You do not require to code anything or program an Expert Advisor (EA). As far as I am aware this is bread and butter for any broker platform - to be able to set an entry, stop loss and take profit level as a one time event. I hope I have interpreted your question correctly.

Hi @Mondeoman , @Forage wanted to close transaction dynamic, for example price close above MA (20)

Thanks - I did not fully read the originator’s question.

no problem :wink: