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I’m very new to Forex trading and I would appreciate suggestions on the best software to assist in my trading. I attended a 4XMadeEasy seminar last night. Does anyone have any experience with that material. What is the best way to educate myself to become a successful Forex trader.


Bob Burns

Check out the thread “How a newbie should spend his first 6 months of learning?” I had some postings as well there and some comments and conversation with some senior members

Software? I’m not sure…I’m looking for one too, so far I’ve only been finding the ones that are not that compatible with my strategy (I’m specifically looking for those with monthly data for EUR/TRY, USD/ZAR - let me know if you ever bump into one)

For simplicity, demo on…thats what I used first time. Today I’m on demo simulatenously for interbank FX and OANDA, a bit more sophisticated, but I’m getting the hang of it

What seminar is that? online? by video? mind if you paste me some link?


Are you an active trader in Forex?

Study , Study , Study and after that Study somemore
Pleanty of free stuff on internet…Seminars are usually scams
you don’t need to put money out to learn

BABYPIPS is great…School and Forum

The best thing you can do , is stay away from 4Xmade sleazy(easy). They are only after your money and not teaching you to trade. BabyPips offers free learning material on line. Also go to Sid Widemann web site( Look at the reviews and judge for yourself. He has a free e-book with no strings attached. Also, go to Just got back from a 4 day FREE, except for your travel,food and room, seminar in Nashville, Tn put on by FXInsights. They do a wonderful job. Check them out!!

I am not familiar with ForexMadeEasy or whatever it is :slight_smile: but if it’s a program that teaches you how to do Forex you do not need it. Everything you need (pretty much) is right here on BabyPips. Read through the “School” section and read this forum every day. The only thing that is not here is a demo account so you can start getting hands on experience. Try to find a demo account from somewhere which doesn’t expire - some demo accounts are good only for one month, and you definitely need to practice longer than a month.

I think this has basically already been said in this thread but …
“Read, read, read AND practice, practice, practice.”

Buy a seminar or workshop or whatever? Fuggetaboudit!

Nope, I’m still on demo as mentioned there, everything is the same, except I used toy money, still have some experiments need to be done

I hate to tell you but everything I read about 4Xmadeasy say it is a SCAM. Look at some of the reviews for it at the bottom of this link. Besides like someone pointed out all you need is this site and lots & lots of practice. Anything that says “Forex & Easy” in the same sentence is not accurate. :slight_smile:


I agree with topgun I went to a 4xmadeez “sales seminair” a few years ago. They had a good pitch and I was ready to buy. Good thing I “forgot” the card at home. Which is the only way to goto those things. I got home and googled them and got nothing but bad reviews.

This is my 1st post to this forum and I thank all the responders.
I am excited about launching my Forex investing business and appreciate the support in this forum.

Have a Great Day!

For forex trading i will go for MetaTrader 4.


Thanks for the reply. Why do you like Metatrader4 over so many other Forex software programs out there?


Bob Burns

I like it because it’s [B]FREE!![/B] :slight_smile:

It’s complicated at first but full of nice features & great customizeable charts with every indicator under the sun. There are also many sites that support it so you can download or write you own customized indicators.

I also love the email feature because you can send emails (alerts) directly to your cell phone which is something VTTrader doesn’t do yet.

It’s also the perfect compliment to Oanda which has crappy charts :slight_smile:


I agree with topgun as well.
MetaTrader is easy to use, good charting platforms.
If you want to have your hands in metatrader you can test it using the broker i am currently using. Just fill the demo form and download metatrader 4 and have your hands set. if you have any problem using MetaTrader, you can email them or ask anyone here in, many informative people are here.
This is the broker i am using there site is

Hehe, thats very true :wink:

I think that anyone using annthing other than mt4 is cheating themselfs. This is the best software to use if your learning because you can get a feel for all the charting tools for free.

Following The Cowabunga System, yesterday i was wating for a signal to enter the market but on my 15 mins chart the MACD NEVER went to positive so i didnt enter the market … actually in Cowabunga System daily update there was a signal ( the MACD Went to positive then returned ) , i checked other charting softwares which confirmed that .

The point is i didnt enter the market because of a false signal by mt4 ( the indicator didnt folow the market ) .

I’m not sure if you are ranting about metatrader or not. In any case there are dozens of MACD indicators written for metatrader so which one did you use? Also did you use the correct settings on the indicator? There are also many servers you can connect to depending on whether your using demo or live accounts. There are dozens of variables like the timeframe your using or which broker. Just because you missed a trade because of 1 bar not going green or positive does not mean Metatrader sucks as I am reading in your post. Many people following the Cowabunga system also do not see the exact charts that Pip Surfer / Big Pippin show us because of all of these variables so does that mean the Cowabunga system sucks or the software that we’re using sucks for having a differrent chart. Mr point to this long post is that you better not just rely on one indicator which is accurate 50% of the time at most to do your trading. Hell why don’t you just go to the casino and bet on Red or Black then when zero or double zero comes out blame the casino for your lost bet.


By the way i didnt SAY A single word saying the mt4 sucks i dont know why ur a Bit aggressive .
i am just telling what happened with me yesterday.
i just followed The Cowabunga System with all the indicators set as required . and i am using the default MACD Indicator for mt4 , and using a demo account .

"Mr point to this long post is that you better not just rely on one indicator which is accurate 50% of the time at most to do your trading. Hell why don’t you just go to the casino and bet on Red or Black then when zero or double zero comes out blame the casino for your lost bet. "

I AM Following The system

Ok, we’ll sorry for assuming that’s what you meant but I was just defending a product that I love and that all charts are not the same because of all the possible variables. Happy Trading!