Best system i have seen before

the sys wanted to share with others have posted here too this one already posted in other thread but request of member have posted here too thanku…

if there isn’t any personal problem then it will be too good if u share ur success story among us, how long u been trading, when u picked up this system, how it works…etc
Love to hear more about ur style too

More detail please.

What happened to your other thread? Both look exactly the same or you are to tell us something new here ?

Then don’t waste your time here or contribute something to help others

best sys i have traded great work have downloaded ur system from other thread thanku…………

some people don’t understand if someone giving good system free they love to pay $1000 but still cheated I know ur using indicators not new already many people used before bringing together in one system with excellent result its great I tell you gururaj I have every system u name it but never been in consistent profit I am trading your system from last 1 month it’s really incredible feeling never experience before thanku for your great system keep gud work

Please link to other thread containing details. Thank you.

At present u will get this sys in pic not sys which is above have reduced unwanted indicators now it’s with less indicator same impact

buy Condition

Candle must be green cls above super trend and indicator must show buy it also give buy alert but don’t follow its SL just see when it say enter trade then bottom fxprime ind must show green so performing of call will higher when its show green if market in consolidation it just show gray dot u may skip call wait for green confirmation and macd must above 0 for buy

sell condition
For sell also same method only thing have to see candle must red cls below sup trend and ind2 must give sell and bottom fxprime must give red with gray dot avoid or wait till red comes and macd below 0 with red

stop loss

SL I don’t use because if I trade on 5 TF only when there is high impact news use sl recent high low and for target 100 pips when get 50 pips gain put SL at cost leave trade till achieve targets if don’t get 100 pips wait till reversal comes that is good option if trade with trend some time trade come near cls of US session take exit if get 50 pips

my sys (23.9 KB)

testing this sys will post soon it will work any time frame

hi gururaj. will be nice i will wait for latest one.

Wanted a reply too…seems like he got banned