Best time to start

The best time to start trading forex, in my humble opinion, a Tuesday. Because on Monday whether the market usually indicates the movement of the market will reverse direction or continue moving. And on Tuesday, we can make a decision to open order position that we can also for long-term trading until Friday. Is that correct?

Actually it depends on trader’s attitude. Generally on Monday, market looks sluggish and I don’t like to trade that time. I start my trading on Tuesday.

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Hi come from Toronto Canada - I start trading at 9:00 am EST on Mondays and end my trade periods Thursday night (time varies) I do not trade Sunday or Fridays with my strategy.

Mostly on Sunday and Friday market don’t move according to its style. This time make moves at random. So it is more appropriate not to trade during that time for avoiding unfortunate risk and loss.

I avoid only Monday because I have seen my strategy not works that time in spite of having money management.

I’ve read in the BabyPips School that the best time to trade is when two sessions overlap and in middle of the week.


This is how the markets fluctuate better as of Tuesday or Monday night. It is recommended that you put the stop loss so that it can notify you when there is a rise or fall in the stock market. I always dedicate 5 hours a day to work in the stock market. They are more than enough for me.

The good thing about trading is that it’s never too late to start.

It’s a great message for newcomers , I followed completely that instruction in demo and micro but didn’t get the positive result because there was no money managing plan.

Managing money is not a specific trading knowledge, it’s a part of congregate experience of trading that we can achieve by passing a long time. and in Forex trading in spite of having good knowledge that’s not possible at all to avoid loses if you don’t know how to manage money.

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There’s no difference when to trade, the main thing is to close deals on Friday.

The best time of the day to trade Forex is when the volume is higher, which means there are many traders involved in the market.

It can be but not for the traders who are particularly new forex traders.

Yes that’s why I never trade on Monday because I never found higher volume at all. It looks always sluggish on that day.

All posts above are pretty much correct.

For newbies, to start with you want to trade in a calmer, slower market period so trading during the Asian session or the middle of the US or European sessions will generally fit this condition.

Trading the US European overlap is definitely the most volatile and some experience is needed due to the speed of price movement during this period. As stated above it is possibly the most profitable if done correctly.

Market opens are very volatile as well. London open, US open, Tokyo and Singapore opens can all be periods of market flux and maybe should be avoided by newbie traders. Find information of Market opening times across the globe so you are aware of them.

Mondays and Fridays are slower than mid week, so trading from Tuesday to Thursday can be more rewarding.

Market News releases are the most dangerous times to trade and should be avoided at all costs…These events would account for the most losses in Forex so below is a link to a news release calendar…FREE

Set your timezone and try not to trade the currencies which have a red marking at the time of the news release as price can change dramatically during these periods… Please read about News Releases and their effect on the markets as “Not the best time to start”

Most traders avoid trading on Mondays for that exact same reason. Many also avoid Fridays, especially the later part of the day, for two main reason - falling volumes and unwillingness to keep positions open over the weekend.

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Friday is very sensitive time specially in evening when market is near to close . It has fast movement , sudden trend change and unexpected fluctuations. I try to do trading on Friday when there is less fluctuation other wise I do trading on next week , Do not want to put myself in any difficulty when not know about right time of trading.

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I prefer to trade at Tuesday rather than Monday. On Monday I feel confuse next day market is clear I can guess next trend with the help of previous charts. I ti s my personal experience , everyone has his own best time of trading, I like less volatile market but fluctuation is required to get some profits so I do analysis when to open positions at proper time.

It’s okay but there is no real chance to find less fluctuation on Friday especially when market near to close. Less fluctuation generally we the traders find on Monday. By the way , have you got enough result at all on Friday when market moves slowly?

The market doesn’t always move slowly on Friday, so that is not my main problem. My problem is that opening a position on Friday, especially during the latter part of the day, may lead to keeping that position open over the weekend, which means that then you have to deal with whatever happens on Monday - big gaps at market open, ranges, spikes, etc.
Regarding how successful my Friday trading is - it’s not that successful because of the reasons I listed above, which is why I avoid trading on Friday.