Best Time to trade?

What is the best time to trade? Would like to know when you guys made maximum profits, using which strategy, brokers, platforms, etc.

Best time to trade is in the Londn and New York session. That has the most volume and liquidity

I can certainly tell you the best time not to trade… right when the market opens or is about to close you shall never place any trade. Due to low liquidity in the market you will get really high spreads. Next never trade during news release if you are newbie… Spreads are kinda skyrocketing at that time.

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Yes, I think so too. Perfect time for new work session trading. The momentum of the time market is good.

i believe the new york session is the best

I think New Work Session is perfect for trading. If you trade at this time, you can get the right movement.

London and NT for me living in the UK.

Thanks for the reply. Among these two- New York and London, which is the best if I’m trading breakouts and trends?

Any lead about the best or worst days to trade forex as well please?

Thanks for the advice. Is there any particular currency pair you prefer?

I usually trade when the market’s most active or when more than 4 markets are simultaneously open. The currency pairs here are highly fluctuating.

When it comes to investing, there are many asset classes to choose from, each having different fundamental characteristics. These characteristics define the expected return, risk, and volatility of the asset. For instance, an individual who cannot withstand volatility should stick to bonds, IPOs and avoid equities. Similarly, investors trying to invest in inflationary period have commodities as a much better option than other assets.

Its all about liquidity and volatility my friend. As far as my knowledge their is no specific day, but yes never trade when you are emotionally disturbed due to any reason… EMOTIONS are worst than trading in low liquidity.

I in fact wait for the news release. Till date, any big economic news has always made the currency gain value in a matter of a few seconds.

I trade between 8 am to noon, when there’s overlap of the New York and London exchanges. As a newbie, it’s difficult to settle upon a time frame but that’s what my sister suggested and it turned out good.

Every trader here will suggest you this timeframe. Adding to it, try to avoid the 5 pm to 6 pm slot where trading takes place between Singapore and Sydney exchanges. The volume’s far less as compared to the London & NY window.

I do have confusion here. Because it’s the most volatile window, don’t the currency trades involve high leverage? A single trade will be sufficient enough to lose the entire trade.

i generally prefer EURUSD. It works the best for me

I believe it’s the preferred choice of a lot of traders, seems to be the safer option due to more liquidity. But I have also heard that trading exotic pairs can bring insane profits, obviously if done right.

I always trade in New York session and avoid placing trades near to market opening or market closing time. I have a lot of speculations about the fluctuations then. I use scalping as my foremost strategy with Saxo Markets, CMC markets and Coinexx as my brokers. With Coinexx and CMC markets, I use MT4 and with Saxo Markets , I prefer Saxo Trader Go. As of now, it is working fairly well for me.