Best trading deceives

So I just bought a new MacBook Pro, what computer device or systems you guys use or would Recommend to trade on ? And is there any specific software that I should download?

Nice! Congrats on the new gadget! Def try out TradingView!

What computer or device you use ?

I’m just using a Windows computer but I have two large monitors which I think is an awesome way to look at charts. It’s like a 30in and a 27in. Old, but huge!

I mean for software, what broker do you use? They have online trading platforms and probably support MT4, MT5. Tradingview is awesome. If you can hook your broker to it for demo or live trading its even better.

Other than that I pull my broker up on my phone to sometimes check open trades to close them or monitor them. That’s it.

I’m also using TradingView on my Macbook.

I’m using a Mac too. I don’t use MT4 though. Just TradingView. I trade using my phone much to the dismay of some traders here :sweat_smile:

How is the performance? And do you solely trade forex there ? Someone told me that I must get hightech computers to day trade

Yes, I’m only using my macbook for trading and no issues so far. :wink: Just make sure you’re not overloading it with too many applications.

Ooh did they recommend any particular ones?