Best trading indicators

Which are the best indicators in technical analysis?

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The best indicator is price and the second best is a 20 EMA

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Unfortunately, there is not such indicator exist. Your best bet in my opinion is still the price itself. Learn how to read price to the best of your abilities and try to understand how to the market works.

If such indicator is exist, even this forum not even exist. All people would be busy sitting on their couch while watching Netflix. No hard work needed. Easy money.

And please remember, to make any money in trading, the person on the other end has to lose in order for you to win. Even if such indicator exist and every one is using it, do you really think you can make money all the time? Think about it.

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The best indicators are the ones that work for you. These could and should be within your trend trade strategy, as a long term path to become successful.

There is no doubt order flow triggers price action, so aim to be on the right side of the trade.

The classic use of off-chart technical indicators is to pin-point timing for an entry, the target pair and trade direction having already been identified by price set-up.

All the familiar indicators like stochastic, RSI, MACD etc. can be used for this. From the 28 leading pairs you will find that any one of these works really well right now on 7 of them, not at all on another 7 and moderately well on the other 14. Over the next 6 months, membership of these three groups will change. Your best performing pairs will start to consistently lose money: this could last for months. Your results will tell you this is happening but the charts will not predict when or explain why.


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based on your trading style may varies . Popular ones include Moving Averages for trends, RSI for momentum, and MACD for price changes. It’s key to use a mix of indicators for a well-rounded strategy.

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