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Hi! Is there any trading platform that allows you to use replay tool and watch multiple time frames (except usual like D, H4, H1, M30 etc.) for free?

traders choose their trading platform according to their knowledge and experience , from my first day of trading i have been using mt5 . its really informative.

Bruh go on Tradingview …

I am using Tradingview now, it doesn’t have all time frames until you pay for it, same for replay button.

I used it before and as I remember it has the same time frames as Trading view. I didn’t find replay button at all, on Trading view I know where it is but you must pay to use it longer than 30 days.

I use TradersGym by Thinktrader for backtest during the weekend… it’s completely free on mac not sure about PC … maybe check it out

You can do that on MT5

Thank you, I will see if it works on PC.

Could you tell me please where is replay button and how can i get more time frames? I used it before but I didn’t find any of that.

I think you can on mt5

Do you know where or how? I used it before and I didn’t find neither replay button nor more time frames.

MT5 only back test the EA, I don’t ever remember being able the backtest manually … were you to find if Thinktrader is available on PC?

But i want to backtest manually.
I have found some sites where you can download it for PC but it didn’t work for me.

What about cTrader does it have this opportunities I need?

It honest should’ve worked if you managed to install it on PC. The platform Thinktrader has 2 sides:

As you can see i am backtesting a 1 minute strategy idea using December 2020 data, with all the different time frames

which i believe its what your are asking.

Regarding cTrader yes, you can manual backtest on it 100%, I just havent used it enough given how confusing that platform seemed to be for me at the time, plus i am on macOS. and its a Windows platform so … But you can give it a go.

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Thank you very much on your detailed answer :slightly_smiling_face:
I have downloaded Thinktrader but it couldn’t open on my PC, I didn’t have a proper app to open it.

according to me there is no accurate trading platform that can make your trading life 100% secure and comfortable, all trading platforms have flaws and which is very common.

I installed Thinktrader so I will try using Trader gym.

Thank you all. :raised_hands:

My guy :facepunch:t5:

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I suggest trading with the MT4 since it is best suitable for forex trading. The platform is simple to understand, and brokers like FP Markets and ICM also have a mobile version for the MT4 platform to track trades when on the move.
I'm a newbie looking for the best suitable platform for forex trading, and I'm not sure if I should trade with the MT4 or its advanced version, the MT5?
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