Best US Brokers

I was using FXCM and I really liked it.
What do you guys suggest are the best brokers for US?
Thank you!

What’s problem did you face on this broker? Please select your trading broker based on popular broker review sites especially on FPA!

They don’t serve the US anymore. They transferred my account to another which I don’t like

In the US, you’re basically limited to three brokers:

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What’s about

@Raydeompoc My spouse use, myself is still new and learning

OANDA is good! But their trading spreads is relative high for exotic trading instruments!

I have compared Oanda spreads, it is better than that of Not by a large margin though. I feel sorry for U.S. traders, they such limited options. No wonder many of them go offshore to escape the forceful rules.

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Can’t you get lower spreads if you do their commission-based payment option?

Why there is no forex brokers from USA?

Finprotrading is good, solid trading conditions.

I have had different suggestions to open account in so many different brokerages, the point is that most of them are not regulated. I have talked with some of them or the people who suggest them, they say that a regulation is not a big deal as long as they have a good history with their traders, what do you think? is regulation a very important factor? can lack of regulation cause cause a problem?

yes - it’s the single most important factor there is

with proper (e.g. FCA or ASIC) regulation, everything else is correctable; without it, nothing is

yes, and it’s likely to

this explains why:-

I had experience with unregulated broker I liked them, but I know my opinion is not enough. There are many brokers out there with good reputation and long history but before you work with any broker, you must research them well

who’s is supporting and allowing algo trading among your named brokers? thanks

I have heard this term a lot, does it. does it mean trading with EAs?

I do not suggest a broker, I suggest what you can look in a good broker, first make sure its trust worthy, check trustworthy listing websites and also pay extra attention to the broker’s back ground record and history, do not trust very young brokers, and then make sure that its simple to contact a human in that broker easily.

Totally wrong information, totally wrong man, I know , I would say more than 20 brokers that work with US clients.

I believe he’s talking about U.S. Brokers that are base in the U.S.

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not necessarily - EAs are just one example

an EA is a kind of algo-trading program which is specific to MetaTrader - other platforms have other names for equivalent software, but collectively they’re “algorithmic trading” or “algo trading”

apart from the ones @ForexGump wisely named, above, they’re neither US brokers nor US-regulated brokers, though, and for Americans who want a properly regulated brokerage, that excludes them