Best way to make deposit/withdrawal

Hi everyone, I want you to give me some advice about the fastest and most painless way to make deposits/withdrawals, because I feel horrible waiting for my withdrawal, especially if the amount is big. So, I am currently trading with OctaFX and I’m doing this via credit card and it seems to me that it might be a bit slow and not the best way to get money and say “Phew” :53: Can you give me some arguments and experience concerning one or another payment system, what’s good and what sucks? Will I come into some additional fees, if I change my payment option (cause I don’t want to see such things afterwards)?

Skrill is quite a quick way to withdraw and deposit money. Some people write about support service issues and some other troubles and may be in this sense using your bank is safer. However, I use skrill and so far it works fine with no particular issues. May be I’m lucky. I’m also a bit concerned about using my card directly, I’m not sure it’s always secure, so using Skrill as an intermediary is good for me.

because i am indonesian, i prefer to use Fasapay for depositing or withdrawal from my Tickmill account .
well Fasapay ,-unlike Skrill or neteller-is not regulated yet by our goverment. however, they have cheaper trx fees ,max 0.5% ($5) for every transactions. and the owner of fasapay is famous among indonesian traders as famous indonesian exchanger.
btw i use 2 methode to deposit my tickmill account, with fasapay and skrill . because of that i can wd via both of them

I don’t see any problems with security, and my CC was made only for forex. Do you pay any additional fees using skrill?

No, I don’t if I deposit in usd, so no currency conversion is needed. If there is conversion, there is conversion “commision”. But it’s not really commission per se, if you know what I mean. I hope I explained correctly… Ugh, this is so complicated! :slight_smile:

And I’m going to deposit in $…so I should expect a kind of “commission” by the way? It is applied by broker, skrill or what? if it’s a broker commission, why they say that they have no commissions at all?

No, in usd you are okay. If you do it in japanese yen, for example, you get a commission from Skrill. No, it’s not broker’s commission.

Ohh God, sorry :15:, I mean I want to deposit in euro…

So they will convert back and forth but it’s Skrill, not the broker. The currency exchange rate depends on Skrill (or any other payment system you choose). As far I understand, that’s the way it works. It’s a bit complicated when it comes to different currencies, so it’s better for you to have some dollars for easier thinking :slight_smile:

i will not deposit my USD skrill balance into my euro trading account.even my broker tickmill have account in EURO
i mean Skrill exchange rates is the worst rate ever. not to mention exchange rate+skrill fees


What kind of payment service/type would you recommend then?

Most brokers I have been with offer Skrill (moneybookers) with 0 commission. I think thats the best system overall.

Dear everyone,

When depositing via Skrill, the client pays no extra fees in case his Skrill account and his trading account are in USD. In case, client’s Skrill account is in USD and his trading account is in EUR, the deposit in USD will be converted to EUR as per FX rate. If client’s Skrill account is in currency other than USD, Skrill will convert the money into USD using their own exchange rate and may charge additional fee.

If anybody has any questions or enquiries, please, feel free to comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

Best regards,
OctaFX Rep.

I think you really need to update your website info… Please, add that you have a certain type of wallet for skrill and neteller.

Hm, I think I may switch to Neteller then…

What about Paypal? I know few brokers offering it. It is probably quite fast for deposits and withdrawals. Anyone has any experience with Paypal?

Usually brokers provide this information regarding additional fees and commissions for payment methods on their websites.
A lot of traders prefer Skrill as mentioned above. Using CC usually takes up to 30 days to withdraw.

As a broker, most clients use E-Wallet, for South East Asia, FasaPay is well known the fastest.
Indians use Neteller.
I don’t recommend using credit card as if the amount is too high, they start asking questions etc.
So I suggest you use E-Wallet my friend :slight_smile: is one of new e-wallet and start to take their market share. some of broker like forexmart, now use this payment methode. i think this payment methode is one of the cheaper one to deposit or withdrawal from forex broker

I’ve using SKRILL to WD my profit from Liteforex and Newforex broker, its fast because it connect to my local bank in indonesia. its very very interesting epayment.