Best way to organise Expert Advisors?

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What is the best way to organise multiple expert advisors in MT5?

Is there a way where you can turn groups of them on or off depending on market conditions, stuff like that?

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I’d start with the first one before wondering how to organize a lot of them. Use an agile framework. Prepare to fail, fail fast, change and fail again. I would hate to see anyone spending a year developing ten robots and find out that even the first one was s__t, never mind their assemblage as a team. Be logical - if you haven’t got an initial robot that can make you money in one market type, what chance do you have getting them all to work harmoniously together?


Good points. I do have one already which has lots of variables. I would like to run it with different variables depending on the market conditions. So I would like to be able to turn on the “Short term upward momentum” group of variables, sort of thing…

yes, you can build strategy which trade on market condition, but you have to make a research, what can work what not, verifying EA’s and make conclusions. Regards Greg

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i only work on one single bot, but if i were going to run multiple bots, i would definitely use a separate pc for each bot.

but other than that, have you tried looking into running multiple virtual machines?

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If you use Metatrader4, then it is not necessary to use one PC per bot. Or rather, it depends on the equipment of your PC. If you have e.g. 2 CPU cores and 8 GB Ram, then you can run 3 Metatrader instances with max 8 bots each.
Why 8 bots per Metatrader? Because each Metatrader4 instance has 8 individual dedicated data lines.
So together you can run 24 bots at the same time in this example setup. I’ve been doing this for a very long time and it works great.
So it depends more on your PC equipment. For scalper bots, however, I would only run half of them. So max 12.