Best website for economic calendar analysis?

I know there are a lot of websites for economic calendars, but hoping for opinions on which sites you like for analysis and theories as to how each event will effect the market. Any thoughts on that would be great, please. Thanks!

I really like Koyfin - it’s quite amazing for the price - which is FREE.

But there are a few other ‘cheaper than a Bloomberg terminal’ browser based trader tools.

Koyfin has a good economic calendar with interactive charting - you can add more than one data series

You can look at yield curves from all around the world.

And you can have all sorts of flashing lights for global stocks.

Little bit of a learning curve but well worth it

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What the market is focused on is constantly changing so any sort of preset analysis of how an event will move the market is more of a guideline based on the past.

For example, an economic data release that comes out and results in USD appreciation might be USD bearish in other instances. Another piece of data may have the market waiting for it to come out like BTS concert tickets, but in other times, nobody would care.

You have to be aware of the global macro environment and know what the dominant narrative(s) is. Only then can you determine if a calendar event will be deemed important by the market.

I use the babypips economic calendar. I like the system of this website very much.

I use the economic calendar provided by my broker itself… It saves me time…

In my opinion, Investing and MyFXbook are 2 very useful calendars as they give you comprehensive information and explain every event when you click on it

Actually I don’t think that traders have to differ economic calendars in dependance on their effectiveness. The main thing as for me here is the convenience in using such calendars. You have to choose those calendars which are convenient for you. It doesn’t really matter does this calendar famous in trading community or not, Basically, it’s a good habit to create an economic calendar for yourself mainly becayse it really helps you to analyze all the events properly and make conclusiong from this analysis. It helps you to open right positions and minimzes the risk of lsses appearance, you know. So, the matter is the convenience, which one will you choose is up to you.