Anybody here used ? I’m looking at it, but haven’t decided as of yet.

Yes, I have used BETONMARKETS.

They gave me 10 GBP in my account to get started and as their site will tell you, there is a wide variety of bets you can place, for example ’ The EUR/USD
will rise 10 pips or more in the next hour ’

However, spread betting is like putting your money on a horse and waiting for the result. Were you right or were you wrong? kind of thing. There’s no ‘Oh dear the trade has gone against me, I’ll exit now’, you have to wait until the bet has expired and you win or lose.

Nothing against it though, great if you like betting.

interesting…do they accept US clients or is it strictly for UK?

I’d keep clear of SB’s - 1) trade record… Check T2W or others - there seems to be issues regarding SB’s 2) Own experience - I’ve been totally gutted at a SB, mainly as a result of being successful I gather… 3) are you a gambler or a trader?


I like the fact you can’t lose more than your stake. Kinda like a controlled risk spreadbet, but it’s not spread betting. Totally different

Oh, and I found a 20 pound free trade, for everyones information, it’s MW-BOM