BEWARE- JarrattDavis premium membership scam

I am an extremely unhappy customer of Jarratt Davis premium membership scam. They entice you with 1 $ premium membership for 2 weeks and I was naive enough to take the bait. After 14 days, 197 USD taken away from my credit card on the filmsy pretext of a line in their fine print. Despite repeated requests for a refund, they refuse to refund the money when I have not even used their services post the trial period. I would just want to spread the awareness about a scam from a seemingly nice guy. What a pity… as I thought he would take a moral high ground and return the money…

The issue was resolved amicably after repeatedly asking for refund. They refunded the money after a week and changed their refund policy so that such things do not happen in future.

Best to stay away in my opinion