Beware of ActivTrades

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Trades at this broker are aparently fully automated and theres no dealing desk. It looks as though your complaint is the fact that they filled you at the worst possible price. I guess you could make a complaint about that but it looks as though they are within their right to do so and I doubt anything would be done about that. EUR/TRY isn’t a major currency pair so liquidity could had been a genuine issue. Activtrades is a market marker and I’m pretty sure they state this. Getting stopped out because the spread widened sucks but in your case it didn’t widen to crazy levels.

Thanks for your feedback.

Just to add:

  • The spread widened to 115+ pips, which in my opinion is crazily high even for EURTRY.
  • If they are a market maker, they advised that the price received was given to them by their liquidity providers.
  • If they are a broker, they also advised that they were the market maker to my trade.
    (I know the above comments are contradictory but they advised me both with regards to the same trade - which does not make sense)

In either case, surely it’s against the FCA Treating Customers Fairly policy to choose the worst possible price available (then further widen the spread) and pass it on to me, when many much higher prices were available in the market?

Would appreciate anymore feedback.


Possibly although I think it would be within Activtrades parameters to do this as it within the markets price. Some brokers like Dukascopy offer the ability to prevent stops from being triggered due to spreads widening. I don’t think this is supported in Metatrader though which is why I don’t think this is available under Activtrades.

The spread on the EUR/TRY pair appears to be a lot more in comparison to other pairs. I realise this is the weekend so spreads are higher than average but on my LMAX account the current spread is 580 pips! In which case the spread could easily move in the 100 range when volatility is ramping up. I think lesson here is to either have wider stops or use a platform that will only allow your stops to get triggered based on the market price and not the market price + spread.

I’ve never had an issue with ActivTrades and I don’t many people that have. Complaints have to be answered quickly as per the FCA regulations and brokers quake in their boots about the FCA. They definitely are a non- dealing desk, they don’t let you forget it!
This sounds like a misunderstanding of procedures, maybe you should speak to someone from their support team to explain everything thoroughly.

I traded there for quite some time. Lately however all swap is changed to fees only. Even pairs that at most brokers pay swap refund. They updated their terms few weeks ago with specifically extra text about swap. Better avoid this broker