Beware of SCAMMERS!

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen these fake forex traders all over social media. It seems they’ve grown over the last couple years. Constantly recruiting and enticing inexperienced starry eyed hopefuls. If you’re brand new to this market, PLEASE beware of their schemes. I created a Youtube video breaking down their duplicitous tactics. Take a look when you get a moment. Best of luck to you all in your journey. May the PIPs be with you.


Thanks, you are doing God’s work

Thanks so much. I put a lot of research, time and energy into this episode. Somebody needed to call them out and explain their scam. So I figured why not me?

Social media is full of scammers; tons of unrealistic screenshots!

that is good warning. thank you

Thanks! That’s much appreciated.

Too many out there to be honest. Stay away from Instagram especially as most of them are full of BS.

They’re the worst