BEWARE: ThinkMarkets NOT regulated by FCA, it is a trap!


I have traded with ThinkMarkets few months ago, and made some profits, then all of a sudden they cancelled 17,000 USD of my profits claiming that i have violated the TOS.

I have informed them that i will be filing a complain to FCA and this was their reply!

We noted that you referenced complaint to the FCA in your previous email. ThinkMarkets Group consists of three (3) companies. You have a contract with Think Capital Limited that is registered in Bermuda, Company number: 51879. Registered address: Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda. You are not contracted with TF Global Markets (UK) Limited hence you cannot complain to the FCA. During the application process you agreed to terms and conditions of Think Capital Limited. All your deposits and withdrawals were processed through Think Capital Limited as well.

So the dirty trick is they have a branch in UK that is regulated by FCA that they use to mislead their potential clients, then when you open an account with them, they open the account under some dubious off shore company that you will not be able to legally pursue.


Did you know it was Bermuda you signed up to?
I would still be inclined to inform FCA regardless

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Of course not, i totally had no idea they even have a branch in Bermuda, the promote everywhere that they are FCA and ASIC regulated, and i joined on this basis!

You are right, i am seriously thinking of complaining against their UK branch at the FCA for cheating and misleading their clients about their regulatory status.

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Thanks for your nice message , hope this information will help beginners to chose broker with more carefully.

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Greetings Fatma,

We have noticed your topic and would be keen to engage should you have any questions. Our registration process is automated depending on the geolocation from which you’re applying for an account. ThinkMarkets is regulated by the FCA as you can see on the official website of the UK regulator.

Hope this helps. Our customer support team stands ready to address any questions you might have 24/5,

Best regards,

The ThinkMarkets Team

Hi Traders,

I just want to raise awareness and caution you from using Thinkmarkets as your trading broker!

The story starts back in June 2020 when we started our trading using an automated robot (EA) and our trading capital was 300,000 AUD. First 3 months were running good and fantastic, and we were averaging no less than 5%+ return weekly, some weeks we did 10%+.

Thinkmarkets advised us to use their demo accounts to test our EA before trading in the live market, they said that the DEMO runs exactly like the live accounts – so we went ahead and created 40+ demo accounts and we tested the crap out of our EA with many different settings and basically nearly all the pairs and commodities that were available. However, Thinkmarkets failed to tell us that DEMO accounts run on a completely different servers than the live accounts and therefore the pair prices are VERY DIFFERENT!! – so basically 6 months of testing demos was horribly useless!!!

By the way, as our trading was through an EA and live 24/7…we had 3 VPSs running that were basically the best you can get in market…. we were spending roughly about 250 USD monthly + another few bucks for extra speed & memory. We had them to accommodate for the demo testing and also for the live accounts. We went the extra mile to base our VPSs in the same country Thinkmarkets have their servers at which is the UK.

Thinkmarkets claim that they execute trades ultra-fast!!! – we have more than 1000 trades that were delayed by 10 seconds or more (some trades by minutes!!!). Our EA trades on the hour every hour, normally you may see a second delay which is acceptable, but we have 1000+ trades that are more than 10 seconds+ delayed!!! – we believe these trades were never actually executed in real live market and they were kept in house!!!

Thinkmarkets without any notification or any communication (Mind you we were on the phone with them daily!) halved our leverage!!! Which obviously affected all our trading. When we raised the issue with them – we got ‘Sorry’ and we have been told that it was done by their partner in the US!!!. When we pushed the matter with our account Manager, he said that they ‘Individually assessed’ our trading and they were happy for us to go back to the normal leverage we started with as we trade safely and with minimum risks! – Everything changed since that day in December 2020.

Long story short, we ended up loosing everything in Feb 2021 because of all the issues mentioned above and also there are other smaller issues like, server not responding, we get logged out for10-20 mins then back in which puts the EA in limbo, misleading information provided by everyone in the Company from the account manager to the complaints department!!

So, we do the right thing, and we contact Their complaints department with all our findings, and we challenge what happened to our trading account – THE WORST EFN EXPERIENCE OF ALL TIMES, dealing with my 2yr old daughter who doesn’t talk yet is WAY EASIER. We put 5 simple questions to them with evidence and for 6 months they have not answered any of our questions. We ask why these trades were delayed in execution, they waste a month of asking where how when and then they answer yes they were executed!!!

So now, we have escalated the matter further and we have raised a complaint against them with AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority) and we requested for some information from Thinkmarkets through AFCA. For more than 3 months now, Thinkmarkets provided every god dam data that is NOT NEEDED OR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL COMPLAINT and they do it over 1000 emails. The case is still Active with AFCA, thinkmarkets still dragging their feet answering & providing evidence.

Your forex broker is a big part of your trading and you need to choose carefully and test the product your are getting before committing to it and trading your hard earned money.