Bid/ask spread calculating when setting up a trade and position sizing

Lets assume we are on an ecn broker with 0 spread on EUR/USD and we wanna go long for example and BUY at 1.9455 then have a SL of 9 pip RISK at 1.9446 and aiming for 2R so 18 pip profit which our TP of 1.9473 so to calculate our position we need the 9 pip SL the capital our %of capital we willing to risk our pair which is EUR/USD this with a capital of 1000 and risk 1% gets as to 0.11 lots. Now lets assume we have 3 pip spread to EUR/USD if i want to buy on the market price of 1.9455 which is the bid price i would actually buy on the ask price of broker which it would be 1.9458 at the time the market price hits the 1.9455 now when i set up my SL which i want at 1.9446 this is still 9 pips from the market price which will actually trigger and sell for a loss so my question is when i am sizing my position do i take consideration a 12 pip SL which is from the ask price to my SL or a 9 pip which is from market price and the one that will actual trigger my SL. 2nd question if i want a 2R profit will i have to take 9x2 which is my actual SL because its the distance from the bid price the one that will trigger the action, so the TP now stands at 1.9473 (1.9455+18) or do i have to take the SL of 12 pips the one from ASK to SL and do 12x2 24 pip and then add them to ask price of 1.9458 which we actually entered, but now we have an actual SL of 9 pips spand to get triggered from market and a TP of 27 pips from market to get triggered this is 27/9 = 3 a 1R to 3R trade. lets now assume we dont add the 24 pips to ask price which would be the most logic as from 12 pip which is 1R we want 2R profit that is 24 pips, and add it to market price 1.9455 now we stand at a TP of 1.9479 24 pips to get triggered and a 9 pip SL this is 24/9 this is 1R to 2.6R. So i am asking is it correct to use the 12 pip ASK to SL or the 9 pip from BID to SL to size oure position i assume we have to take the 12 pip cause the actual trade on meta trader will show ask price as an entry beside the fact that bid will trigger the SL and last one do i place my TP adding from ASK price which i entered or BID price. i think my examples showed you that i want to keep a 1 to 2 R risk but by what i am telling you that saw people on videos saying yoy actually aiming for a bigger profit. they say that calculating when going long is easier but i find calculating short entries easier as i just add the spread to SL and TP from BID price

I believe that forex trading is a personal domain and you don’t need to do what others are doing. You must consider your own requirements and if something is working for you, keep doing it even if everyone else is saying that it is not worth it.