Big Dreams? Can it really be done?

I have been interested in Forex for a long time. When I do get the itch I start watching videos and reading peoples thoughts and reviews on things. And it seems like a lot of people talk about how long it took them to start turning a profit on a regular basis and stuff like that.

What if I did not want to learn? Not to the point I don’t know what’s going on and stuff like that. What if I wanted to just find a good single service and stay with them? I have reading about different services and reviews. And I am yet to find a bad one about BOTS (_inary_ptions_rading_ignals). I can understand why if people are doing well they don’t talk about it. I just can’t seem to find anyone talking bad about it. You would think people would be quick to talk about a service that did not work.

I am a guy running on a rat wheel for a job. Yes things can get better and I can make more money but that would be just more stress. The quality of life would never get better. I am single guy so a $1000 a week would be more than enough to get away.

It seems when I do end up talking to people about this stuff. I run across someone was making $30K a month one point. And they look at the money I would need as pocket change.

Is it crazy to think I could trade on a fake account until I got used to the singles in the trading room. And then take $500-600 and build it slow to the point I could pull out $150-300 a day? While still staying within a good balance in the account and never risking too much.

Or is that same plan everyone has and 85% of them fail in the end? I feel like people are doing it all the time. I would think it comes down to discipline and money management.

One of the things I liked about what I read about the BOTS trading room. Is they only trade for two hours a day. They have a system and stay within it. They don’t chase trades all day.

I left out parts of the name of the service I am talking about above not knowing if I can use links for things like that. I am not part of their site at all. It’s just the one that has the most and best reviews.


Nothing? 0-30 on comments.

what is your question? if its doable?
-yes it is.

-no it isnt

short cut to make money?
-nope- nothing is free in this world so isnt money

earn, dont work, dont learn, dont read and dont practice?
-wont work i guarantee you that

consider few years of learning before you make any money. if you are to lazy (not meant offensive) to go trhough books and big textes then turn around and find another job, dont waist your time.

or would you like to hear me saying something like: yeesss dude seriously start it, invest all your money and youll be ritch! -? talk to any broker theyl tell you exactly this sentence.

so if youre not ready to put work in then : no, go find someting else

That is right inline with what I read and expected. That is why I asked about the trade singles. If I am going to go though a long learning process. Why not hook my trailer to a buss that has already been there? And learn as I go.

I am sure there is a 20 bad sites for trading single for every good one. Maybe even more bad ones than that. With a little digging you can find good ones. They will not last long if they are not making people money.

…but, my question is:

what do you mean by ‘trading singles’?

First. I want to say that in order to make good money is not enough of one strategy, you need to manage risk. As for the robots that they work for a while. The market is fickle. In addition, in order to create a good adviser, you need to create a trading strategy. To create a trading strategy, you need to learn how to do it and gain experience.
Second. Trade - is a continuous learning process. A similar continuous, as does the market.
Third. If you do not want to learn and to trade, you can be an investor.

Fourth (if I may):

the market is full of algorithms doing what pit traders used to do… Now it is impossible to fight

machines making thousands of trades per second, which is faster than any human can even contemplate

trading (never mind trying to click more than an order within milliseconds)…

The wisdom is that where humans can beat machines is in longer-term trend-trading, where you are

not trying to clip in and out of the market… this is not easy either, but from that point of view, it does

make sense.

I am not a fan of Binary Options. But that might be my personal opinion. Most brokers make it appear as if Forex trading is easy. But they also warn you, when you set up an account, that you might loose all your money. And with good reason. A lot of good traders (if not most) have blown a couple of accounts before they managed to make money.

Practicing on a demo account is a good idea, but you might also set up a real mini or micro account (with $50 on it) after a month or two. You will find that trading with real money is a lot more difficult then on a demo account. See the $50 as your learning fee, because you will most probably loose it.

There are a few good documentaries on YouTube about trading. Very entertaining. Make sure you also watch some of the ones that do not have a happy ending. I remember I saw one about a man loosing $10.000 and now down to his last $250 asking for experts to help him out. That should give you incentive to spend time on learning forex trading.

i understood your question the first time i was simply to lazy to answare one part of what you wrote as i had a long day yesterdy.

you are looking for a programm that does the work for you, with what i answared i gave you the answare to that question aswell.

now take a look around you… you have a million sites telling you this:learn trade, we give you our super trading strategy which will generate you money! you only spend 50/month but you can earn easily 5000/month with what we are selling you!"


have you ever seen a advertisement which goes like this: “hey! buy our computer programm and install it, it generates you money, we sell it you earn on it!”…?

no? you know why?..

you have people earning billions with programms which sell shoes, can you immagine how much someone would earn by selling a programm which generates you money on stock exchanges?

so why isnt there anyone selling one?

programms are easy stuff, you programm it once then sell it for decades. like whatsapp, windows google etc they all started with one programm which made them billions.

so. why isnt there a computer geek who is advanced and pro in stocks or forex selling his super genial programm?

you might say because he keeps it for himself so only he makes money?

well? can you make a billion a year with a programm on stocks/forex? … can you make 2 billion a year by selling a programmt with such huge magnitute? (bill gates had 70 billion in his account after 7 years of selling his programm).

so why isnt there any billionaire who sold a forex/stock programm to masses? think about it: yo would pay 1500 or even more for a programm which generates you 2000 a month wouldnt you? you would pay a million for something that guarantees you 1,2 million in first year without you doing any work or effort. wouldnt you? -i would :wink:

if theres somebody telling me “subscribe here pay 10.000 a month and youll earn 20.000 each month”, i would do it.

now use your logic, why isnt anything like that beeing sold on the market?

simply cause it doesnt work.

there are no programms which will generate you money. there are programms which help you there is stuff that gives you an advange, maybe, but there will never be anything that substitutes your brain.

you understand what i mean? my english isnt good and i dont think i got the massage through very clear.

so to sum it up:

it is a job, and it is a not paid job. Why? n a normal job u go do ur stuff and get your monthly paycheck.

here, you put effort in more then in any job you do for a paycheck, you put your own money at risk, and the outcome is not secure, you can loose all hence you waisted months/years of effort and got nothing out of it, but in fact even paid that you are allowed to work.

so no there is no short cut. read, work, effort, a lot of stress and constant uncertainty.

im doing it since 6 years and yesterday in one day blew up 32.000 over night
and im pissed
and im angry
and im taking a brake today to calm my a$$ down

youre at the very beginning and there are no short cuts.

the only shortcuts i know is great funds, there are funds out there which generate 50-80% surpluss a year. you invest 10k you get 8 back and they take off a fee of 1-2k so youre still 6k plus in that year. thats a shortcut but even there you have to choose wisely in which fund you invest and have some minimum market insights and understanding of whats going on = home work.

ah i forgot can try this. its called social trading, you hook up your account, your money with someone who isdoing the trades, all he is doing your money/account will copy 1:1 and you will be in all trades he is doing the very same second he initates or closes them.

maybe this is what youre looking for?

Great points, Turbo!

I just found a nice quotation, coming from page 8 of the .pdf of this book

Here is the quotation:

Nasrudin stood up in the marketplace and started
to address the throng.

“O my people! Do all of you really want
knowledge without difficulty, truth without
falsehood, great attainment without effort,
progress without sacrifice?”

Very soon a very large crowd gathered, everyone
shouting, “Yes, yes!”

“Excellent!” said the mullah. “I only wanted to
know. You may rely upon me to tell you about it if I
ever discover any such a thing.”

wow awesome quote Pip!

it fits definately bullseye. i havent read any new books since quite a few months, if you say its a good one ill definately give it a try!

dammnnn brent oil is running away from me, i cant catch it jeeezzzzz why did i take a brake of trading today??? 250 pips on one day and exactly starting from the point i planned to go long on it… now i feel like im sitting on hot stones and want to take a new chair!

I understand there is a learning curve. And if I want to make a real living from this I will need to learn to do it myself. I am just asking why not join something like "_ic_ael _ree_an’s manual signals group on ________"
its free and the admins have a running win rates of 81%,80%, 79% and 70%. And they give singles all day. Its basically none stop as all four of them are in different time zones. Anyone can put trades but you need to show a history of winning better then 70% before you can share them.

One of the guys today was six for six. I am not quick enough or comfortable with the Nadex site yet to jump in with real money yet. So I am working the demo until I can get the same results they do.

My question is why do need to put myself thought the “grind of losing to learn” when there are people I can follow. I don’t need to drive the buss if its going to the place I want to go.

Some of the Admin in that group have been running that win rate for close to a year.

I would put the full name but I am not sure about the rules for stuff like that. There is no affiliate link seeing its free.

Ooooo you mean


When you said trading SINGLES it was hard to.understand ehat you meamt.

Sure, why.not? Trading someone else’s.signal.may work better for you.

No - sorry, but this assertion really isn’t right [U]at all[/U].

There are huge numbers of “trading rooms” of various kinds that last for many years without ever having been profitable [B]overall[/B] for their customers: they exist on a huge turnover of naive newbies who very rarely stay more a month or two. There are actually enough new ones coming into the market all the time for significant numbers of loss-making services to survive indefinitely.

Trading singles ? what is that?


YES it can be done! NO it won’t be easy!

How long will it take, it’s very hard to say, some may never make it!

I think anyone CAN make it but they need to be committed to putting the time in, and most importantly to be disciplined!

Don’t waste your time looking for the ‘holy grail’ - It doesn’t exist!

Work hard and keep it simple!

I trade from a trading room in Hertfordshire with 3-4 other professional traders and we are all profitable.

To be honest though, I’m not trying to sell a dream, 2 of them are 20 year professionals from the city who you would expect to be profitable and I am fairly new to trading and only fairly recently profitable.

Keep working hard, surround yourself with like-minded traders even just on forums, and document your results to learn from them!

Good luck


Yeah, you could achieve your dreams, if you are serious enough and practice a lot. You need to take it seriously and gain the required knowledge and skills.