Big Pippin Tells All

If you’re wondering what’s behind Big Pippin’s swagger, wonder no more! I’ve got the scoop right here!

How did you ever get into forex trading? Does your smooth-talking-overconfident-personality help your trading style?

I wouldn’t say I’m overconfident (at least not anymore). I just got swag, girl. But to answer your question, yes, being confident has played a critical role in my trading. I spot so many sexy setups on a daily basis but they would mean nothing if I didn’t have enough confidence to take them.

Of course, it’s a balancing act because having too much confidence can also be damaging to my trades. Take my word for it. I have learned this lesson the hard way.

You see, I got into trading the forex market in hopes earning extra moolah to buy more bling-bling. I was off to a good start but I got carried away that I was taking trades left and right, not really taking proper risk management into consideration. I was so close to losing all my savings when I met Dr. Pipslow who taught me how to keep my trading ego in check.

Now, I’m so much better at managing my trades and, as I said, I don’t see myself as an overconfident brotha anymore.

As a trader, which type of market analysis do you focus on more? How would you rate all three by its importance to your trading style?

Ha! With my Pippin’ Ain’t Easy blog out there in the open, I guess there’s no denying that I’m a technical analysis kind of dude. But this doesn’t mean that I take fundamental and sentiment analyses for granted!

As I always remind my readers in my Daily Chart Art posts, technical analysis is only half the story. Having a good grasp of the other two kinds of analysis is important to get the complete picture of the market, too.

If I had to rate the three of them, I’d have technical analysis up on top and both fundamental and sentiment analyses tied at second.

I know y’all think I’m cool and all, but you’re not any less cooler if you rated the three differently. Keep in mind that we have different kinds of trading styles. You can be like Pip Diddy who loves fundamentals and you’d still be a cool cat in my book.

I’m curious, where do you shop? Or what’s your favorite brand (if you have one)? I mean, how do you keep that groovy look?

Wanna know my secret? I get everything tailor-made baby! I don’t wanna be rollin’ up in the club and bump into Forex Gump and he be wearing the EXACT SAME GET-UP! Playa please, that ain’t fly!

That’s why I get everything custom yo. That’s the best way to keep my look fresh and unique. And believe me, the ladies love it!

How was your childhood like?

My childhood was the bizomb! Even though we weren’t rich, my parents were the coolest cats on the block and everybody was always at my crib. Everybody loved my momma’s roast chicken special (for realz, it is the beez neez).

Unlike kids nowadays, I spent a lot of time outdoors. We didn’t have no iPads and Xbox 360s. We had hoops, stickball, and good ol’ hide n’ seek. Unfortunately, I always got caught because it was hard to hide the shine of all the bling I was rockin. Yeah, that’s right – even at an early age, I was a fly lil’ playa!

That reminds me of my childhood.

If you could take a forex trader and a non-forex trader out to lunch, who would they be and why? Keep in mind that your goal is to have a fun lunch talking about forex AND everything else.

I chill with tons of cool cats every day, but you know Big Pippin likes to hang with them smart women. If I were to pick two lunch buddies, I would call Kathy Lien and Queen Elizabeth II in a heartbeat.

Both women might seem all lady-like and whatnot, but man, can they kick some serious butt in their respective fields! Queen Elizabeth (or “Queen E,” as I’d like to call her) has literally outlasted several U.S. Presidents, and I have no doubt that Kathy Lien can bag pips before the other lesser mortals can say “pips.” Should be an interesting lunch, don’t you think?

Can you share with us your tips and tricks when you do your Daily Chart Art?

Like in most endeavors, it’s always best to KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly). You can put up hundreds of indicators and still lose your trades if you don’t have mastery of the basic candlestick and chart patterns.

I personally use Stochastic (14,3,3) in my analysis and I’ve seen others stick to their 200 SMAs, but at the end of the day, it’s still the most basic chart patterns that tend to work. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt if the setups you spot also line up with similar signals across different time frames.

While trading, do you have specific song that gets you in the zone? If so, what is it?

I’ll give you an excerpt from the most played song on my playlist. Try to guess which song it is.

“Rolling down the street, smoking endo, sippin on gin and juice Laid back (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind)”

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, Snoop Dogg will forever be my man yo! Reprezent!

I assume that you know Dr. Pipslow very well. (Given that you were his protégé.) What is your most loved and dreaded trait of Dr. Pipslow?

Funny you should ask that. What I LOVE (and sometimes HATE) most about my man Dr. Pipslow is that he’s almost always right! Ha! But then again, what do you expect from someone with as much experience as him?

You don’t reach the age of 600 without learning a thing or two. He’s been through a lot, so it’s always worth listening to what he has to say. I guess that’s why we all turn to him for advice on both trading and personal matters.

Any message to your forex friends and followers out there?

Don’t give up! I know trading can be difficult at times, but always keep your chin up, homies! You can’t expect to become a successful trader overnight. Even the best in the business took years to hone their skills.

Also, I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a support group in trading. You can learn so much by communicating with fellow traders. You can bounce ideas off each other, swap strategies, and help each other cope with the emotional aspects of trading. That’s why I highly recommend that traders get involved in the forums. Think of it as your very own forex gang!


Nice one…u so hilarious!!!..I actually check your updates every morning before taking trades to see ur thinking pattern…and oh …thanks for the USD/CHF set-up you gave on Friday… I bagged in 41 pips…no doubt you are one of my favourite dudes on this forum…thumbs up playa:59:

Thanks so much for these and hoping that all of us will become successful in our trading, I am a newbie here and never been place a trade yet coz I want to read the forums here in and to get the ideas/opinions as well as strategies .

'EXACT SAME GET-UP! Playa please, that ain’t fly!"


Thanks for all your post Big Pippin! I have been religiously following your posts.

Hi there Big Pippin! I’m new here and would love some guidance before i start trading for real. i’m hoping to trade with some demo account first with the knowledge gained from
is there any recommended forex broker out there?

I use FXCM, just because of their ease of use, and micro account availability for newbies. You can try out their demo if you want! There’s also Oanda, GFT, and many others. If you want to learn more about each broker then review pips may be perfect for you! —> Forex All Brokers: Forex Brokers

Does anybody use tradeinterceptor platform. I have had the biggest headache this week with it. Finally got program to reload on desktop, got failure to launch off of it, now simply will not connect to servor. Can anybody offer any suggesstions

I used to use them for charting on my phone. Lately I have been having the same issues. There desktop versions I never really cared for. I hope they get it fixed my brokers charts on my phone are crappy at best.

Great post!! looking forward for the next… :slight_smile:

It really is disheartening. The only eay I will get tradeinterceptor to run is through a separate laptop with no firewalls or antivirus protection. Their look and feel charts may be retro but the innovative setups of their fibs and unique indicators definitely is worth running the program simutaneously with my platform and mcfx. Thanks for the replies.

keep posting please

Hai Big pippin,

I really love your blog. My days always starts after having a look on your blog. This gives me the base to see charts everyday. Thank you pippin… Keep rocking

Nice blog

I m new any recommendation and suggestion are welcome

Hooray for that post… I hope someday I would become successful trader :slight_smile:

You are so funny Big Pippin. You and Dr pipslow are my favorites among the gang!

Thanks for all your work and dedication!

It was quite interesting to read about this trader. I hope that I will also have the opportunity to become a good trader. In general, all these stories give most of us hope, and this is a lot. The only reason why I go to this forum is to get inspiration. And thank you guys for that.

Hello Big… I responded to you now, 13 years after this article passed, I hope you’re okay and always keep publishing. And to keep publishing all the time.
my greetings :zap: :zap:
Yassine from Morocco :morocco:

Thanks so much for these

It was quite interesting to read about this trader