Binance is now banned in the PH

I have to read more about this, but I was kinda surprised that I came across this news on Tiktok. :open_mouth: I feel like it’s only recently when Filipinos got interested in crypto and NFTs again, but I bet this will have a significant impact. :thinking:

They said you should still be able to access it if you use VPN, but that also comes with its own risks. :confused: :thinking: Any other Filo here who’s been using Binance? :open_mouth:

I also heard Crypto is banned at India. I think if there is demand and if that country is not North Korea, then people can overcome the barrier with some tricks like VPN, Proxy, VPS.

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You’re right, the interest in crypto and NFTs has been picking up again in the Philippines, so this ban could really shake things up. I’m curious to see how this will impact the crypto scene there.

Yeah. :open_mouth: Although people are kinda questioning if accessing it via VPN is still worth it. I even saw in a discussion that with Binance’s money laundering issue, a lot of banks will not support the money if it went through Binance. :open_mouth: What do you think? :thinking:

Actually, when I had crypto, I mostly used and GCash. :thinking: But apparently, p2p transactions among Filipinos is quite common so some are resorting to this. I’ve been hearing platform options like Bybit and Kucoin. :open_mouth: I just don’t know much about their credibility though.

Are there any crypto exchanges in the Philippines? What’s the go-to exchange now that Binance is banned? Bybit or OkX?

I feel like a lot of people are still with Binance, but are using VPN. :open_mouth: But because of the ban, rather thana the traditional exchanges, there are more people who do the p2p transactions. :open_mouth:

But since I’ve seen more people mention Bybit compared to OKX, when it comes to the platform, I think Bybit is more popular right now. :thinking: