Binance takes top spot from Coinbase, holds most bitcoin

Really interesting graphics shared in this article.

You can see bitcoin inflows versus outflows at Binance and Coinbase over the same period. Realy telling what happened in May, with Binance increasing the amount of bitcoin it’s holdings while Coinbase continues down.

The timing coincides with the Luna UST crash. It looks like many holders took their bitcoin off Coinbase and went elsewhere.

Not surprised, Coinbase has been having a lot of issues especially in the US. Wonder how long Binance can hold that spot

Well, Coinbase is cutting “costs”, AKA employees, and are working with regulators.

So it’s definitely cloudy in Coinbase land.

There is definite issues there i read not long back Coinbase were withholding withdrawals from US citizens claiming technical difficulties i think

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I’m not surprised Coinbase can be absolute disasters with their Support.
For such a big company I can’t believe they don’t have live Support

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I blame them and I don’t blame them. Too many users too quickly, and now, dropping revenues.

Not sure anyone could cope with that perfectly.

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I got tired of them too. Being from the US, I never liked the rumors and had issue after issue with my account from the very beginning. There was an issue with my birth certificate being that I was adopted, they wanted me to use an original last name that was not my legal name anymore. Total pain to deal with them.

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True, but no excuse. They are a big private company, not some state-run railway line…