Binary Forex Brokers

Hi all, I have currently 40,000 euros I’d like to start trading with. Of this money, I want to start with 10,000 euros and see how that goes. I have a good strategy that I have tested and am confident with. Before I begin actual trading, I’d like some advice on which binary broker to go with. Practical advice based on experience would be helpful. Some of the requirements that I have:

  • Must offer payout of between 73%-90%. The average and most frequent payout should be 80-81%. Would be best if the payout is just a constant 80% or 81%.

  • No hassles with withdrawing money.

  • Good customer care, transparency.

Those are the basic requirements. Is there anyone with experience that can help me? Does anyone know of brokers that meet those requirements? It’d be better to be helped by experienced people who can warn one of troubles before testing the waters,