Binary Option

I’m a new member. This is my first post. There’s a lot of people talking about the binary options nowadays. My question is a"Binary Options" is a real business? Someone said it’s a scam, not real as Mr. Kinghuman from you tube. IiIfibusinebusiness

I’ve been Forex trading since 2014. However, I just tried Binary Option few weeks ago. Actually, Binary Option is not very complex as traditional Forex trading. It’s not really a scam. Most Binary Option traders open short term trades such as (mostly 3 min or 5 min). I don’t recommend 60 seconds trades. It’s just a suicide. If you are a Forex trader, it’s so easy to learn about Binary Option.

Just open a Demo account at Option Trade or Top Option and practice it. If you are a successful Binary Option trader, you can easily convert a $500 investment to $3000 within 30 days.

Binary Option is just a fight with the time.

Thank you for your information. two brokers you has mentioned above. Are they free demo account or required a medium deposit?

NO. They offer free Demo Accounts.